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Most Popular Kpop Idols Worldwide 2021 (Male & Female) Groups

most popular kpop idols worldwide

Nubia Magazine presents you the official list for the most popular Kpop idols worldwide 2021. And yes, we know many of you have been asking; Who is the most popular Kpop idol worldwide? Well, we have the answer here. We can all agree fame and popularity grow each year based on the activities of a particular character in this case ‘person’, and after engaging in extensive research online and offline, we finally conclude the top 10 most popular Kpop idols worldwide for the year 2021, you will get to see the most popular Kpop male idols worldwide 2021 and the most popular K-pop female idols worldwide 2021.

Based on data collected from over 70 popular social media platforms worldwide and data collected from google trends and google news we selected the most famous Kpop idols online. And for offline, we reached out to representatives across the globe asking them to take to the streets and ask a lot of people in their countries the most familiar and favourite names and faces in Kpop that they know and we got our feedbacks, combining the two research we have here an official list of the most popular idols worldwide 2021…


List Of The Most Popular Kpop Idols Worldwide 2021:


10. Cha Eun Woo (Astro)

most popular kpop idols worldwide 2021

Lee Dong-min, professionally known as Cha Eun-woo is a member of the Kpop group ‘Astro’

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Research shows he is the most popular member of his group as of 2021 with most recognition coming from mostly ASIA.


9. Rosé (Blackpink)

most popular kpop idols worldwide 2021

Roseanne Park is a Korean-New Zealand singer and dancer member of the famous Kpop girl group BLACKPINK. Our Research shows; the all-female Kpop group is at this point quite popular amongst hip hop music lovers all over the world with their names and faces being hard to forget since it is just a group of four members, As of 2021 Rose is surely among the most famous and most popular Kpop idols in the world.

8. Baekhyun (Exo)

most popular kpop idols worldwide

He made his debut in 2012 as a member of the boy group Exo, its sub-group Exo-K and later on its sub-unit Exo-CBX. He is the current leader of the supergroup SuperM.

Our research shows over the years he has raked in a lot of fans from Asia to Europe he hasn’t covered all the continents yet but he sure is still one of the most famous and loved Kpop stars in the world, we count him as one of the most popular Kpop male idols worldwide 2021


7. Jennie (Blackpink)

most popular kpop idols worldwide

Born Jennie in South Korea popular known as Jennie.. She belongs to the popular girl group BLACKPINK.

Our Research Shows at the moment she is very internet famous and loved by a lot of Kpop fans across the globe with most people appreciating her rapping skills. No question she is definitely among the most popular Kpop idols worldwide 2021.

6. J Hope (BTS)

most popular kpop idols worldwide 2021

Jung Ho-seok aka J Hope made his debut as a member of boy band BTS as far back as 2013.

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Research shows he has a lot of dedicated fans on the internet being regarded by many as the major dancer for the most popular band in the world and offline he is quite known for his dancing skills too. His fan base mostly covers Asia, Europe, South America and North America


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  1. This list is so unreliable there’s no way jhope is more famous than jennie. And no way taehyung is more famous than jungkook. Jungkook is the most searched kpop idol on google and youtube, most liked and retweeted on twitter, most viewed on tiktok. He’s the most well known kpop idol among locals. The writer is probably a “fan” not an unbiased journalist

  2. I think many pressured it hurts that V or Kim taehyung is currently the possessor of hot, viral and recognizable topics.
    V IT BOY of the world hurts them or not we are no longer 2017 and V has opened or expanded his artistic name in the music industry apart from being king of a pure lucrative market

  3. Why is jungkook second? He’s the most well known kpop idol among locals also he tops all social media platforms google youtube twitter tumblr tiktok etc. This list is weird also jennie and rose are more popular than jisoo. Rose has the biggest k-solo debut this year. Have u done research properly? Then why is there no data? Please dont delete my comment i’m genuinely curious

    • I always think Taehyung is the most popular since he is known as the stan attractor. His name has been muted from trending twitter and twipple because “Taehyung” is too often trending. His individual post on instagram always gets the most likes and comments. He has 2 popular names while Jungkook has 1, its the logical reasons why Jungkook has more view and hashtag. But if it combined V + Taehyung & Jk + Jungkook, Taehyung is the winner.

    • (Sorry for my wrong grammar) You questioning the data since Jisoo is more popular than rose and Jenny?? FYI Jisoo became popular in today’s year 2021 because she became a global ambassador in Dior and also Jisoo became an actress in her upcoming drama snowdrop and cover star in Elle magazine (Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, etc.) Instead of questioning, you should be thankful since both of them are in the top 10 of most popular kpop idols in the year 2021. No hate just LOVE ????????.

    • Google is blocked in many countries including China where Taehyung dominates. Google searches is not accurate representation of worldwide popularity.
      With regards to Twitter, Taehyung is muted, while Jungkook isn’t. That means JK hasn’t reached Taehyung’s popularity yet.
      Regarding Tiktok, Taehyung has 2 different names. Add both names & he has the most views.

    • twitter, tiktok and google is not everything and the US =/= the world. V is the most popular in India, Japan, China and more countries, moreover he has the most likes in bts insta account and very well placed overall in social media. if you take into consideration this and the fact that these countries have the most population, you can understand why your favorite member is not number 1. stop putting down others’ achievements out of immaturity.

    • Your article was well written and researched. Thank you!
      Haters always react that way when Taehyung tops and dominates anything. This alone is proof why he is very popular worldwide and why your list is reliable. The bigger you grow, the more your haters grow too. I hope you can ignore the hates and know that we appreciate your hard work on this.

      • It’s not well written. The article failed to mention that Jimin’s name and hashtag have also been “muted” on twitter because of their high amount of use like V. “Jimin” disappeared from twitter trends around the end of 2018 and his hashtag “#Jimin” stopped appearing in trends ever since may of 2020. Jimin was not one of the “early members of the very popular Kpop boy band BTS” to join, he was literally the last member to join the group! There are other problems as well, but don’t try to say that it’s accurate when it’s not!

  4. For those who try to contradict this article, you may provide your own date that proves otherwise. For all I know, even BTS often mentioned V’s impact to them.

    “If you want to have a million views, make V your model.” –
    “Taehyung’s impact is worldwide”
    “Taehyung’s unique personality and charm are what drew in the people who didn’t know us.”

    – All of these are just some of the statements made by their leader.

  5. Congrats Kim Taehyung, he deserves that number one. He has been dominating every platform every since his debut and has the largest fanbases ever that constantly shower him with love, so it’s well deserved<3 and thank you to all the researchers and publishers that worked on this to give us reliable results, great work!

  6. Hi, please ignore the hate comments ???? sadly as much as Taehyung is loved he also got lots of antis who get jaelous and pressed whenever he tops something. Even people he works with are being harrased. Don’t mind those jaelous people. Taehyung is so popular that his name is even muted by both twitter and twipple. He keeps on attracting locals as well. People in the comments are just pressed.

  7. First of all kim taehyung was revealed last as a members of bts. When v was revealed other members already have some fans but still being secret weapon ( bangpd told he kept v secret because he knows he is secret weapon ) he is the member in bts to get fansite first .
    Rm :- After V joined us we become more popular.
    Rm:- honestly V have worldwide impact
    Jk :- V hyung
    ( Aj × STAR vol 1 ) articles when ask member about who is popular, Members ans:- it doesn’t matter where we go V is always the most popular member
    Rm during Festa:- V unique personality and charms are what drew in the people who didn’t know us.
    Jm :- all thanks to our popular members i feel like I’m finally popular. What do you say popular guy taehyung shi?
    Kiss radio :- who is the most popular member?
    Members:- V DJ :- OH V Tae :- ah thankyou
    Dj:- so you are very popular v :- ah me ? All are hehe RM :- why are you being like that ?
    Jin :- such a humble friend
    RM TO JK :- make gcf with tae you will get millions views fastly
    If you don’t believe articles etc its fine but how can you ignore the words of bts .
    V own official titled Idol of Idols, textbooks of idols, REPRESENTATIVE of kpop korea Asia, No1 Most handsome men in world, ACE of kpop, Face of Kpop, VISUAL REPRESENTATIVE OF Kpop and Asia, stan attractor, WorldwideITBoy.
    Korean native about bts :- If I see bts I only see V, V is ultimate image of Idols, I love v v and v.
    Only Korean Idol to get his 3 mins videos with official titles and his songs played on Burj Khalifa and that only happensbecause of his global reputation and his powerful insane impact.
    Won International pop Icon award, Won 3 time consecutive Aisa heartthrob award , REPRESENTATIVE beauty fashion and style icon of Asia. He won and winning many awards titles and many times bts idols knetizen all said about how he is no1 but I can’t put all here in comments.
    Only Artist in the World with most #1 in 118 countries on ITunes .
    He is the stage performance King. Mostt nos of idols watched his fancam and learn they admitted it themselves in many interviews. He is most view fancam in history of kpop, he had most liked male idol on insta without even having official accounts.
    All kpop korea BTS and world knows he is the most popular powerful He is the King. ????
    Congratulations Kim Taehyung again and again for winning always and siting on top no1 unbothered like king always ????????????
    Also thankyou writer for such beautiful valid articles with solid proofs and researchs and The only person who can defeat Taehyung today is future Taehyung itself . Everyone is so threatened by Taehyung its funny , they want what HE has for their favs . Kim Taehyung is bigger then Kpop. If you ask how he is no1 everywhere there is no secret formula just Taehyung being Taehyung and that’s why no one is on ever can reach his level ever. He is on top before now and forever. Also if you’re so jealous and it hurt then file a lawsuit.
    Congratulations to other also how make it to top10 ans every all bts members ???? Also jk is main vocalist its titled is only incorrect here please correct it. Congratulations once again to The Idol of Idols The King Kim Taehyung ????????????????♥️ Proud is understatement ????

  8. Congratulations Kim Taehyung!!! His name being muted by Twitter and now Twipple just showed how much power Taehyung holds. Tae is a sold out fairy, celebrities all over the world’s bias is him, Variety shows’ MCs are endeared in him, reporters love him for his charms and personality, general netizens couldn’t get enough of him because of his cuteness and handsomeness, Taehyung literally has more fanbases all over the world, since most fans saw him in the series ‘Hwarang’ and eventually became Army, too. That’s why he is called Stan Attractor. Even BTS members themselves know how much popular he is. And how they love him because of his pure childlike personality. No one can resist his charms, only antis who refuse to understand and accept that he is the most popular Kpop idol!

  9. I remember Kim Taehyung was the main reason for BTS’ rise in fame in America back in 2017. Everyone was talking about him and asking about but now they all know him and are his fans. Anyways, he has always been dominating. THE MAIN CHARACTER KIM TAEHYUNG. Thank you writers for giving reliable results and facts, not opinions jealous kpop fans seem to have.

  10. This ranking is honestly unreliable. There are a lot of inaccuracies even though you claim that you have made “extensive research” on the subject.
    All BTS members are known by actual kpop fans not just one or two. BTS as a group is so huge that, if you are part of the kpop community, you recognize all their names.
    Jimin and Jungkook are arguably more widely known among non-kpop fans than V is. Their names get mentioned a lot in conversations that have nothing to do with kpop. Jimin has the most used hashtag on instagram and is the most viewed BTS member on tiktok with the second most used hashtag on the platform. He trends with several keywords in twitter regularly (almost daily) even though his name “Jimin” and hashtag “#Jimin” have both been muted ever since 2018 and may of 2020. You failed to mention this even though you mentioned it for V. Jimin ranked among the top five kpop hashtags in UAE and India in 2018, and was also the only individual idol mentioned among the top five kpop hashtags in UAE and India in 2019. In 2020, he also ranked fifth on twitter Singapore, the only individual figure in the top five. On Jimin’s 2019 birthday, he became the first person to achieve worldwide trends Top 20 “All-Kill.” Meanwhile, on his 2020 birthday, he occupied 28 of the Top 30 worldwide trends, and had over 40M mentions in 156 countries. This amount of trends has not been achieved by any other idol. Twitter’s official account account has named Jimin “the Man of twitter”.
    Jungkook has the second most used hashtag in instagram and has the most used hashtag in tiktok. He trends quite regularly very high on worldwide twitter trends. Jungkook also seems to usually trend highest in google trends (Since Google does not reveal this information themselves it might not be 100% reliable, but it gives an idea of his popularity).
    Jimin’s individual tracks are the most streamed in all BTS albums in Spotify, with the exception of Jungkook’s Euphoria, since Jimin’s Serendipity was made into two tracks instead of one. Jimin also has the most streamed song of all time in Soundcloud. His songs tend to be the most popular ones in different music platforms even after years.
    American media measurement and analytics company, ComScore, reported that between August and November 2020, BTS accounted for 85% of the overall 70 million K-pop mentions on social media in the Latin America region. In the overall breakdown, Jimin got the highest percentage of mentions at 25.6% across social media platforms and Jungkook closely followed at 24.9%. There are so many things that can be added here, but I’m stopping here.
    My point is that I doubt that V is more popular than Jungkook and Jimin and there is absolutely no way that Lisa would be more popular than Jimin.

    • First of all like they mentioned in the article hashtags, trends, or views alone are not the only thing that makes you popular(which means being liked and admired by a large group of people). But since you really wanna talk about streams then let me tell you the actual numbers. On Spotify Taehyung has over 559M streams, Jimin has 539M, and Jungkook has 467M streams. On SoundCloud V has 493.9M, Jimin has 303.1M, and Jungkook has 219.1M(and this is including all of his cover songs, without the cover songs his original song streams is 87.7M). On Youtube based on official audio tracks+MVs(under bighit/bts/actual label channels) V has 408M, Jimin has 297M, and Jungkook has 259M views. Let me also add most of Jimin’s songs are all around 2-3minutes long making them really easy and fast to stream, meanwhile most of tae’s songs are all 3-4mins long and some like Scenery are 5mins long. Secondly, your other point being that jikook are most known outside of kpop fans is inaccurate. V is known as the stan attractor of people not just towards bts but towards kpop. Every time there is a performance ever since 2017-currently people always asked who V is(“who is the one that winked”, “who is the one on the left”, “who is the one with the green mic” etc.) Everyone knows he always goes viral among locals. I can even name some celebs that have voiced their admiration and love for V like; haim, John Legend and his wife, Lizo, ansel elgort, bretman rock, elle fanning and maz minghella, conan grey, etc. I could even link you some tiktoks and tweets of locals going crazy over V. Lastly, when it comes to birthday V dominates every year. His birthday hashtag trended in 161+ countries, 46 were on worldwide trends, 34 were on USA trends, 13 in Japan, and 64 in South Korea. His hashtags simultaneously occupied the top 5 spots on worldwide trends and broke the record for the most mentioned bday hashtag, which was also previously held by him. Social media aside, he gathered a crowd of hundreds of people to watch his birthday ad on the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Anyways, this is an accurate website that has covered news on celebs and cultures for over eight years now. Unlike all the blogs pjms or jk solos make about their fav to feed their egos. I don’t wanna argue with you but I’m trying to show you that facts and opinions are different. Everyone is gonna have their opinion and wanna believe their idol is the most popular ever, but V’s huge popularity is a fact. All the members are popular in their own ways but I’m not seeing a single comment congratulating JK or Jimin for making the top of this list. Interestingly all the attention is on V….

    • Creo que tú información te la sacaste un poco del culo, acá en América latina no hay representaciones de menciones individuales como en otros países, acá solo se catalogan por bandas, además toma en cuenta que Taehyung tiene dos nombres y ambos suman más que las menciones de jimin y jungkook, en la encuesta realizada por billboard en 2019 de “quién es tu miembro favorito de BTS” taehyungie tuvo el 43% jk el 25% y jimin el 11%, Taehyung tiene la base más grande de fans en japón, Rusia, china y África, sin mencionar que su fanbase china es la más poderosa del kpop, también es el primero en conseguir 1M de likes en Twitter e instagram, sus records son de “el único artista en el mundo” y no solo “entre los miembros de BTS”

  11. Actually, I don’t find it right to do this with social media figures. Because there are a lot of people who just know BTS and just listen to their music and they don’t even follow them on social media (I just follow them for example) If what you’re looking for is accounts created by fanbase, solo stans and others, and it’s not right to measure popularity with this. Most people who love and have fans of BTS are content to just follow them. Of course, I’m not ignoring that V-is popular, but I’ve seen the achievements of Jungkook in the last 3 years and I think he’s the most recognizable member since he’s amazing, his music and solos are so popular And finally, it doesn’t matter who is more popular, they are a group and the important thing is that the group is well-known. Sorry for my English.

  12. Chill JK stans,it’s not yet end of the world,lmao. JK was proven the most popular by many articles,so having this one ignoring his popularity is fine. Anyways,i just wanna address some questionable things I’ve seen on other article of them showing “proof” like the accounts on Twitter,2 major accounts for JK while 5 for Tae,and in Tiktok,JK known being the only person in the world to have massive views, but here it was stated opposite and for YT solo mv,dearest,he doesn’t have solo MVs,although he sang it solo,but the music video wasn’t just him and some of his songs just released recently. Futhermore,this study was based within the last six months,so it was around V’s birthday and everybody rejoicing,no wonder he got many mentions and such. But anyway,what is done is done. Congratulations to him.

  13. Taehyung was muted to twitter because their are 2 KIM TAEHYUNG in KPOP, both were getting mixed up however doesn’t trends as much as Jungkook that one mute doesn’t makes difference because in twitter people trend by different names like Jungkookie, we love you taehyung, lean on as Jungkook. Moreover how the heck you compare youtube vedios when Jungkook doesn’t has any of the solo MV’s? Do you get the difference between euphoria which was long ass short film which inuded all the members and singularity which included choreograpery and tae alone? Jungkook doesn’t even as a proper solo and no mv at all, his songs are not even realised on iTunes and Spotify.

    • They have literally explained that trends are not the only thing they used to determine popularity around the world, you clearly didn’t read the explanation. Btw there is one kim taehyung and you can look at his name twitter mentions it’s above 1m+ on a daily and everyone knows it by now, if you can’t accept that you’re in denial. Also, do you really expect the youtube data to not be counted just because there is no solo mv for him. If jk is so popular then you people would stream and watch the MV which focuses mainly on him anyways(and you don’t even need to watch the full length of it to be counted as a view). And for your information, there is still the audio version on youtube. So if you don’t wanna see it because it’s too long or it has all the members in the MV then there you have the short audio of only jk singing. But the audio and MV combined still don’t have the same number of views as Singularity….And it’s been three years since the song came out so you would expect for it to have lots of views by now. Also, all his songs are available on spotify and itunes to listen to so at this point idek where you’re getting your info from..

  14. I didn’t want to say but… some people exclude some members of the groups even if they are from “Blackpink” and “BTS”
    just because some are rappers, dancers and lead singers, that’s disrespectful. Those people who claim to be fans but when it comes to voting there is a discussion that one is better than the others and ends up worrying some fans of the groups, honestly I will not say who I will vote for, Discussion by comment is the last thing on my mind ????

  15. I’m not so into Jungkook’s achievements but here are some of it,for all the peeps daring JK stan to show proofs of his  impact.
    Google’s Most Searched/Sought-after Kpop Idol since 2017
    Kpop’s Most Searched Idol 2020
    #1 in YouTube’s 100 Most Searched Kpop Idol 2019 and 2020 Year-End Chart
    One and Only person in the world to have the biggest viewed hashtags in Tiktok history(without account)
    First Korean Artist to win Instagrammer Global 2019(without an account) at MTVMIAW and even his fan account @bts.jungkook won MTV Millennial Award beating Shawn Mendez, Ariana Grande and Marshmello.
    Most Viewed(22million,1 hour 18mins)and Commented(10.2million)in real time on Vlive surpassing their Grammy 2020 viewership.
    Most Retweeted Tweet of 2019 and posted in 2020 Guinness Book of Records
    Only Person in the World to have 6 tweets with more than 1million retweets.
    He also has 1 tweet with 3million likes together with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.
    Has 5 tweets in Top 30 list of Most Liked Tweets of All Time.
    His “Never Not” cover is now the “4th Most Pinned Tweet ever”
    He has the most liked,retweeted and viewed BTS posts
    Jungkook trended higher than NBA finals after their Jimmy Fallon performance.
    Most Searched on all SNS platform after their Louise Vuitton ambassador announcement with 2.2 million engagements.
    His name trended #1 in Twipple Japan Celebrity ranking.
    His selfies even makes BTS accounts gain more followers(doubled)
    His solo song Euphoria could have been landed on BBHot100 if it has a proper MV,Billboard itself cited. But still become the Highest Best selling B-side track by a Korean Artist selling 4 million copies worldwide and also the longest charting song on BB World Digital Song sales chart and even played on HBO’s Euphoria season finale.
    #1 Top Kpop Star in Tumblr for 3 consecutive years.
    Most Sexiest International Man,first person to achieved the title.
    Him flashing abs on Billboard has been selected as one of 13 BB Best Moments 2018.
    He’s also the only Asian introduced by FandomWire in their article 43 Celebrities in the World 18 years old and now together with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande,Lady Gaga,Tom Holland,Beyonce,Johnny Depp,Brad Pitt and other Worldwide Superstars.
    The Only Asian Celebrity that ranked in Top 30 Most Popular Pop Singer(not just kpop)#29 in the US,by Famous Birthdays,a US Entertainment website.
    Tagged as Sold Out King as he constantly sell out everything he touches. Also often the first member to sell out his official individual kpop merch.
    So clearly, the way this survey measures popularity is so basic, mainly focusing on likes,views,hashtags,mentions and followers,not on their individual achievements that has more significance about their impact,so I was kinda understand now that the result was unusual.
    But the thing that left me flabbergasted is the Twitter combined followers,i mean why combine? Aren’t y’all aware that 1 follower can follow multiple accounts,so adding followers of different accounts with the same content is very illogical. And also 2:5 ratio of combined accounts is very much unfair,even leaving JK’s biggest fanbase Snowpeach behind.
    Anyway,i get it,this type of survey is something only a naive fan could appreciate, and it shows. My 2 cents.

  16. Well to all jk stans i wanna say don’t act certain tho we know jk is popular and he is popular in past but due, don’t think he will be on top till end of his life lol no one does ???? things change with time and whether u accept or not it’s v era now so many international celebrities supporting him
    His fancam is most viewed with 134 million views also most liked
    He is only one who has 11 fancams who have more than 10 million views
    He is 2nd asian who appear on burj khalifa on his birthday and 1st kpop idol, first asian is shahrukh khan who achived this at 54 age and v achieved just at 25????

  17. Очень тяжело выбирать когда несколько человек из одной группы.. Безусловно Техенчик вне конкуренции..это настоящий Король во всем… ну BTS не должны соревноваться между собой.. Красавцы и талантище все семеро… Ну Ви просто неотразим во всем.. поэтому ТОЛЬКО ОН!!!

  18. Kim Taehyung has two name he has most disadvantages than other maknae. Tumblr doesn’t whole year data to declare most searched idol. Why they don’t Taehyung bday month when he trend for whole month. It’s almost par on jk search. His Wikipedia page is most view for koren singer after bts. Japan china and sk doesn’t use goggle searched engine. He has two most viewed Official # on tiktok. He is most liked pic of Korean idol. Let’s accept that he always famous and most popular even bts member said V is Global.

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