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King Of Kpop Award 2021 (K-pop Idol Of Year) Male

King Of Kpop 2021 (Nubia Awards)

King Of Kpop 2021 Award

K-pop is a huge part of the global music industry today and pop culture as a whole, and we have talented Kpop idols who have done it before and the ones that are currently doing it to thank for that. And for each year we have Kpop acts who stand out when it comes to work ethic, impact in their groups, performance, solo projects and influence on the Kpop industry as a whole. It is why this award category was launched to celebrate the overall best, most exciting, amazing and most dominant Kpop idol (Male) in the world for each year. This category is left to all Kpop fans across the Globe to decided who deserves to earn the title King Of K-Pop for the year.

(Period In Review: October 2020 –  October 2021)

Factors for nomination: Impact In Their Groups, (Overall Performance & Work Ethic), Solo Projects, Fan Base and Influence on the Kpop industry as a whole within the period in review.

Official Nominees List For King Of Kpop Award 2021:


  • Jimin (BTS)

  • Jackson Wang (GOT7)

  • Taehyung ‘V’ (BTS)

  • Sehun (EXO)

  • Jungkook (BTS)

  • J-Hope (BTS)

  • Baekhyun (Exo)

  • Cha Eunwoo (Astro)

  • Suga (BTS)

  • Taemin (SuperM)


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      • Eso repitetelo 1 billón de veces a la n potencia para que te lo creas , que Taehyung no tiene talento y es admirado por tanta gente ? En qué mundo vives Taehyung es alabado por su voz, su personalidad, su baile que sin ser un bailarín profesional ha sido halagado por sus compañeros y los coreógrafos de BTS que reconocen su talento y esfuerzo, es un actor que sin tener un título está súper valorado para que acepte actuar en doramas y que muchas empresas se lo disputan, su gran belleza que ha Sido reconocido por cirujanos estéticos y mucha gente relacionados con la belleza se lo reconocen como el hombre más hermoso del mundo y para Tae no cree serlo y tantísimas cosas más que sus mismos compañeros le reconocen y leer tu comentario fuera de contexto me hace ver que eres un ser mezquino que no reconoce lo que es el TALENTO, el que no te caiga bien Taehyung y opaque a tu favorito no es culpa de él pues las votaciones lo hacen sus fans los que vivimos cautivados con todo lo que hace él y siempre lo apoyaremos y defenderemos de deshubicadas como tú. En vez de criticar a Tae ó a cualquier otro miembro de BTS apoya y vota por tu favorito pero no te metas a comentar cosas que no son, eso no hace un verdadero ARMY.

        • Coincido totalmente contigo. Lo malo de los stan o fan de otro miembro es que no aceptan perder o que no siempre se es bueno en todo o creen que los demás están equivocados y ellos no. Luego se enojan o sienten envidia y molestan o envian hate a los otros fan de otros miembros. Son realmente gente horrible, gente sin corazón.

  1. Taehyung es considerado por medios de su propio país como “el rostro del kpop” por varios jurados de belleza es considerado “el hombre más guapo del mundo”, muchos youtubers, actores, idols, directores y locals se interesan en el por su presencia escénica, su voz, su belleza y su talento. Si tú favorito no gana y por eso consideras que está revista está “mal” eso solo confirmaria que eres una desempleada, inmadura y envidiosa

    • Totalmente de acuerdo contigo. Encima lo vota las personas no la revista. Es increíble como estos odiadores seriales creen que tiene la razón y el resto no y como no aceptan perder empiezan a lanzar sus venenos por todos lados. No pueden contener el tanto odio, envidia que tienen por dentro que lo sacan afuera. Tampoco escuchan ni entienden de razones cuando les habla. Son horribles personas! No deja de sorprenderme cómo se ponen por un concurso.

  2. King of kpop is the one who can back it up with impact like who have the most achievements with his own songs in all platforms, who are recognized as a great talent and awarded by it. The only one who received 3 national recognition is Jimin, his songs are nominated as song of the year in Gaon, he’s awarded with his dancing, his song is most stream in SoundCloud, and other songs nominated in all music platforms, not just one! So thats the impact, and real achievements.

  3. Park Jimin is the only king of kpop. He has impact, popularity, talent, he is the most successful idol and he is also the best performer, he is always the one most remembered for giving his best on stage. He is so unique in this industry and even the general public recognizes him as the face of kpop.

    • Todos son super talentosos, pero mi voto es por J-Hope ya que como solista ha tenido un gran reconocimiento y es el primer artista de Bts que entró como solista en las listas de los Billboard Hot 100 Y el segundo después de PSY en la historia de coreanos en realizar esta azaña y eso no es lo único jajaja mi admiración para él.

  4. First of all, Taehyung is much bigger than just a kpop boy, he is known as the one that always attracts locals and nonfans towards kpop. But when it comes down to it he has the most liked and viewed kpop fancam of all time. Not just one but he has multiple fancams with many views each. Also, he is known as the ‘idol of idols’, they study his stage presence just to be liked him. If this was 2016-2018 I would agree Jimin to be the king of kpop. But I think ever since 2019 till now it has been V.



    • I’m sorry, we know the poll isn’t fake or biased and that this isn’t a fan site. Antis reporting and mentioning it is fake proves it is transparent. Some get mad because they can’t cheat the system so they think their only way to win is to harass others. Please ignore the jealous and hateful people and don’t let them get to you. Again sorry for such behaviour.

  6. BTS are the Kings of K-Pop, Pop, the World! All 7 are extremely talented. Would not be BTS without any member. They would feel really bad and embarrassed about the behavior of some fans calling themselves ARMY. They are about Love for all members and ARMY????. Please just vote for and compliment your bias. Borahae ????

  7. Do you mean the boy who was class president for 9 years? The Valedictorian who was #1 in Math and Chemistry? Who has a black belt in Taekwondo, has learned Kendo for 8 years, has experience in Hapkido and has been selected for a martial arts scholarship in China?
    The boy who slept 2 hours a night? The one who received almost no singing lessons but still became a Leadsinger? That unique voice that can sound from melodically normal to very heavenly high?
    Or maybe it’s the boy who had to learn all the dances by heart after only 6 months and yet became a Maindancer! The one you call Rookies-Bible / Idols-Bible today?
    The It-Boy who has held number 1 in Kpop Male Brand Reputation for over 2 years? Or was it the one who recently became the officially SoundCloud King? Yeah you know… the one who likes to write and produce songs and give them away for free to his fans?
    But it could also be the only Korean artist with 3 national awards? Who is loved and revered by every species on earth? The one you call angel? Because he is as beautiful on the outside as on the inside? The one who has so much charm that he doesn’t have to do anything extra to be sexy because he is naturally?
    This guy who was the first idol to get 100million views on VLive back then? But maybe it’s also about the SoldOut-King … Muse of the Artistworld … Socialmedia/Viral King… Master of killing parts… Koreas Sweetheart… or maybe we’re talking about the Fashionista who was chosen to be a member of BoF500!
    Mmmm probably the Stage Genius or Dance God? Aaah i know…the man who first made fancams interesting with most viewing? Maybe the most hashtagged person on Instagram???
    Or is it about the project manager of the album BE?
    That super hard working artist who can talk about feelings so openly and honestly? This humble and funny world star who always sets a good example?
    Then my answer is: YES my vote is for Park Jimin!!! ????????

  8. @Alisalia I legit never heard of what a king choice is (the thing these people seem to brag about and cling onto) so I searched to see what this actually is and I’m in disbelief but also I can’t stop laughing at this joke. Just search the website and see what it is. It gives you multiple attempts to upvote who you want to vote for, but it gives you multiple attempts to downvote another nominee(yup lmao what the actual f*ck). And aside from that, it has features to buy votes, this alone shows how inaccurate and unreliable it is. No wonder objective people don’t support it. The thing is you can’t cheat this website like that king choice where it gives you multiple attempts to upvote and downvote. This site’s poll gives you only 6 votes a day making it way more reliable than any other kpop made polls I’ve seen.

    • I knew about king choice, but didn’t know they are so unprofessional.
      well, all idols have solos, I’m solo myself though I never dragged or shaded my fave’s bandmates. Is it always like this between bts stans? bc even I was triggered by some arrogant comments. I kinda was intrigued and checked bts official accounts. I’m confused now actually, bc seems like jungkook’s and v’s individual posts have way more interactions and views almost all the time? I checked yt, twt, fb and ig. so what’s the reason for this behavior in comments, how come other stans are more civil and chill?
      Are you an army? Can you pls recommend me smth to listen to, especially from v and jungkook. dm me pls

  9. Taehyung is the first member to debut as an actor with his character “hansung” from the kdrama hwarang and won as the “best idol actor” in soompi awards.In 2017 Taehyung is not just the first member but the first k-idol to achieve 1M likes in a tweet .taehyung indivual pics have the records of fastest 1,2,3,4,5,6million likes and only kpop male idol with 7 millionlikes.taehyung ranked most handsome face2017,2018,2020,2021and became visual representive of kpop and has 16+handsome titles he is also the favourites of surgoens.only korean artist to have more than 3 songs to have #1 world digital songs sales chart sweetnight,stigma,innerchild,singularity.v has best ost award for swwet night apan.On Spotify Taehyung is the most streamed with 559M streams, V is the most stramed kpop artist with 493.9M,V has dominated every chart on the platform, becoming the first-ever Korean solo artist to score three No.1 hits on the Global chart. In addition, the song also debuted at #1 on the “New & Hot All Music Genre” chart of all countries most notably in the U.S and the U.K as well with is songs .taehyung is the first and only artist to get #1 on hungarian singles.sweet night is the only ost debuted on #1 on melon.v is the only korean artist to have 2 songs with 100millionviews in sound cloud.Won International pop Icon award, Won 3 time consecutive Aisa heartthrob award.Only Artist in the World with most #1 in 118 countries on ITunes .digital single and album sales V – 1,729,842 highest in bts .he had the most watched fancam in history of kpop (boywithluvfancam).v is also viralking,sns king,weverse king,soldoutking,idolsking(idolsofidols),stageking in terms v is worldwide king.

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