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Top 10 Largest Milk Producing Countries in The World 2024

Largest milk producing countries in the world 2020

Speaking on the top milk producing countries 2024: There is a great deal of variation in the pattern of dairy production worldwide. Many countries which are large producers consume most of this internally, while others (in particular New Zealand), export a large percentage of their production. Internal consumption is often in the form of liquid milk, while the bulk of international trade is in processed dairy products such as milk powder.

The milking of cows was traditionally a labor-intensive operation and still is in less developed countries. Small farms need several people to milk and care for only a few dozen cows, though for many farms these employees have traditionally been the children of the farm family, giving rise to the term “family farm”

So we present you a list of the top 10 largest milk producing countries in the world 2024, the below information will show you the current updated list of countries with the largest milk production as of 2024. Whether it is a child’s cereal, milk in an individual’s coffee, or as a chief component of a number of different cheeses within breakfast items at a local diner, milk is an important part of a daily life.

Dairy farming is considered to be a whole environment of reciprocal relations and dependency, re-production and protection of social values. Hence, dairy farms typically consist of high producing dairy cows. Other species used in commercial dairy farming include goats, sheep, and camels. There are over 264 million dairy cows’ worldwide, producing nearly 600 million tonnes of milk every year.


Which is the largest milk producing country in the world 2024?

For many years the united states have been the largest Milk producing country globally, it is still same as of 2024. With Milk production reaching 218 billion pounds just recently no other country comes close. The country with highest milk production in the world is the USA.

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List Of The Top 10 Largest Milk Producing Countries in The World 2024:

1. America – 218.3 billion pounds

highest milk producing countries in the world 2020

The average value of production exceeded the total cost of producing each hundredweight of milk in only one state, California, and nationwide, dairy farmers lost an average of $3.21 per hundredweight of milk produced. For 2019, total dairy production is expected to increase modestly over 2018, by less than 0.3 percent, and the average all-milk price is expected to increase as well, from $16.26/cwt in 2018 to $18.40/cwt. This statistic shows the cow milk production in the United States from 2016 to 2019, measured in billion pounds.

In 2016, over 212.4 billion pounds of cows milk were produced in the U.S. and it amounted to about 218.3 billion pounds in the end of 2019. So Unisted states is still among the no. 1 among the top ten highest milk producing countries in the world 2023

2. India – 128.3 billion pounds

India highest milk producing country in the world 2020

India produced 22% of the total world milk output last year. In 2018, India produced 186 million tonnes of milk, which was 22% of that year’s global total milk production of 843 million tonnes, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Milk output grew 5% over 2017 levels in India, while it was just around 1% in the European Union and the US. The last five decades have seen the tide turning for India, which accounted for just 5% of the world’s milk production in 1970.

It amounted to about 128.3 billion pounds in the end of 2019. This growth is expected to sustain in the coming years; the Niti Aayog says India will produce 300 million tonnes of milk by 2024.

3. China – 83 billion pounds

highest dairy producing countries in the world 2020

China is the 3rd largest milk producer in the world as 2024 and the second largest in Asia. Although the estimated number of dairy cows has been declining in the country, the production volume per cow is expected to grow from approximately 4,600 kilograms in 2017 to over 5,500 kilograms in 2024. Regardless of improving productivity, China still relies heavily on dairy imports.

In 2018, China imported whey, packed milk, and whole milk powder in volumes of over 500 thousand metric tons each. New Zealand, Australia, United States, Germany, and France are among the major suppliers of the dairy products for the Chinese market. It amounted to about 83.7 billion pounds in the end of last year. Therefore China is the 3rd largest milk producing country in the world 2024

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4. Brazil – 70 billion pounds

Highest milk producing country 2020

Brazil faced political uncertainty, the truck driver strike and the economic crisis that has affected Brazil since 2014. This also had an effect on the already ‘somewhat’ weak dairy export position of the country. Nevertheless, several experts forecast better times for the Brazilian dairy sector. According to a recent report over Q4 2020, Dutch agrofood banker writes that milk production has grown in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in Q4, and farmers will start 2020 in a better position than they started 2018.

The production of cow milk in Brazil amounted to 33.8 billion liters in 2019, up from 33.5 billion liters produced in the previous year. The milk production in the country had been decreasing in volume since 2014, when it added up to nearly 35.2 billion liters.


5. Germany – 59 billion pounds

cow milk production by country 2020

It is no secret that worldwide, organic dairy farming has grown significantly. Figures from Eurostat (2017) show that the number of organic dairy cows in Europe has increased to more than 900,000. Organic milk production in Europe is around 4 billion kilos, which corresponds to about 1.5% of the total milk supply in Europe (EU28). Exact numbers and volumes can not be determined on the basis of the figures from Eurostat, because here and there data is missing and sometimes only estimates are used. Nevertheless, the figures give an impression about the developments in the production of organic milk in Europe. Still among the top milk producing countries 2024

6.  Russia -52 billion pounds

milk production by country 2020

The dairy sector in Russia compromises of around eight million dairy cows. In 2017, the total milk production was 30.7 billion kilos. There are – on average – three types of farms in Russia: large dairy operations with 300 to 2,000 cows, family farms with 15 to 50 cows and farmers with only one to two cows for their own use. In the largest group, around 8,000 farms are active. The country has around 24,000 family farms and more than one million small-scale farms. The largest dairy operations produce around half of all the milk produced in Russia. Of the total milk production, only 12 billion kilos is sold directly to the dairy processor.

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7. France – 47 billion pounds

cow milk production 2020 world

Among France’s assets identified by the study, the supply of milk supply lies in the hands of three producers: Lactalis, Sodiaal and Eurial. By 2018, they had a combined market share of over 52% of the market, a concentration which explains the gradual impoverishment of milk producers.

The study conducted by Agrex analyses a total of seven characteristics of the world’s 13 main producing countries, in which France comes out fifth, behind the US, India, Brazil and Germany. But France’s milk industry has been organised for a long time, which has had direct consequences on the sector’s solidity.

8. New Zealand – 28.1 billion pounds

New Zealand is one of the world’s largest milk producers in the world, with the reputation of producing and supplying quality dairy products. In the first quarter of 2019, approximately six million metric tons of milk had been produced in New Zealand. In the full 2018 year, the amount of milk produced amounted to about 22 million metric tons – a record-setting production volume for the country.

9. Turkey – 22.5 billion pounds

Cow milk production rose to 774,681 tons in the month from 756,970 tons in October 2017, TurkStat said in a statement. In the month, 135,992 tons of drinking milk was produced, down 3.3 percent from the same month last year. Data also showed that cheese production from cow’s milk fell 1.7 percent on an annual basis to 55,255 tons. “Cheese production from sheep, goat, buffalo, and mixed milk was 1,445 tons, down 19.7 percent compared to the same month last year,” it added.

In the January-September period, the country collected 7.3 million tons of cow milk, down from 7.74 million tons in the same period last year. During the first nine months of 2019, Turkey exported dairy products worth $274.65 million, up 15% on an annual basis, according to the National Milk Council data. Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the UAE were the top destinations for Turkish dairy products exporters in the same period.


10. United Kingdom – 19 Billion Pounds

Largest milk producing countries in the world 2020

The UK milk production had a production value of approximately 4.34 billion British Pounds in 2017. In 2016, European production volume was estimated to amount to 163.26 million metric tons of raw milk. About 25.6 million liters of liquid milk were made from these 163 million tons of raw milk. The rest of the raw milk produced that year was turned into other milk products.

REFERENCES: Statista, DairyGlobal

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