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Queen Of Kpop Award 2021 (Kpop Idol Of The Year) Female

Queen Of Kpop 2021 Vote

Queen Of Kpop 2021 (Award Poll)

One of the most popular & coveted categories in the Global Nubia Awards for Kpop is the Queen Of Kpop Award title. Kpop is a massive industry on the global stage, made possible by great groups of the past and present and within these groups are very talented and devoted idols who contribute a lot to promoting the industry and the culture in general. This category recognizes and celebrates the best of the best female Kpop idols for each year, in other words, this award is meant to celebrate and recognize the female Kpop acts who stand out when it comes to work-ethic, impact in their groups, performance, solo projects and influence on the Kpop industry as a whole within the period in review and in this category ten female Kpop idols are nominated each year with the winner and title to be decided by the votes of Kpop fans from all over the world.

As the fans often ask, “Who is the Queen Of Kpop 2021?” Well, the time is here to decide as it is up to your votes to decide which of the amazing nominees gets the award and title.

(Period In Review: October 2020 –  To Present)

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Factors for nomination: Impact In Their Groups, (Overall Performance & Work Ethic), Solo Projects, Fan Base and Influence on the Kpop industry as a whole within the period in review.


Official Nominees List For Queen Of Kpop Award 2021:


  • Jennie (BLACKPINK)

  • Joy (Red Velvet)

  • Lisa (BLACKPINK)

  • IU

  • HyunA

  • Tzuyu (TWICE)

  • Rose (BLACKPINK)

  • Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

  • CL

  • Irene (Red Velvet)




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