‘NUBIA’ a name taken from one of the world’s earliest civilization (now extinct) is a major inspiration for the establishment of this platform to celebrate modern civilization. Looking at where we are coming from, the wars, diseases, slavery, viral pandemics, gender discrimination, genocides and more, compared to where we are today; speaking of technology, health care, democracy, formal education, freedom of religion, modern philosophy in general, entertainment and a beautiful interconnected world of beautiful people and beautiful cultures. This is what this digital magazine is about, made for the beautiful people and beautiful cultures we have in the world today and that is why the platform exists based on the people’s wishes from our Anual NUBIA AWARDS to all other recognition publications on this platform.

We’ve designed the platform for anyone anywhere in the world to be able to post and share their minds on whichever topic they want. Eg; Opinion Articles, Polls, News, Photos, Videos, Quizes and more. Since the platform was founded by a board of different people from all the continents of the world, Asia, Europe, The Americas, Africa and Australia. We’ve made it our mission to get lead editors from every single country on the planet.


>> On the FRONTPAGE, readers get to see new featured posts from our editors and users on any topic from anywhere around the world; could be news, opinion articles, polls etc… All recommended daily by our algorithm based on users interests and what’s popular.

>> Readers can join our community as authors, contributors. Registered members can post about any topic or interest they think fellow Nubia Magazine readers will find interesting, they could start discussions, polls and many more all submitted for review and could be featured to a larger audience on the website if other readers find the contents interesting enough.

>> There are several categories and sections on the website dedicated to certain topics, there are sections dedicated to countries, people and more, all made available for readers to easily find and consume the best and most interesting contents from all over the world

>> THE NUBIA AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS: One of the most important parts of this platform is our annual global recognition event that was created based on the idea of popular acclaim by the good citizens of our plant… Read  More About The Nubia Awards Here >>