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Taliban: Afghan Women Getting Help From Advocacy Groups Worldwide (See How)


Women’s rights and lives are at risk in Afghanistan as a result of the Taliban’s takeover of the country.

Between 1996 to 2001, when the Taliban was in control, women were prohibited access to school and work. Girls were not permitted to attend school, and women may only be seen in public with a male escort and with their bodies completely covered. Disobedience to these tight regulations resulted in harsh punishments ranging from beatings to execution.

Women’s rights in Afghanistan have improved since 2001. The number of girls enrolling in school has increased, while child death rates have dropped. However, if the Taliban reclaims control, that development may be reversed fast.

According to Shabia Mantoo, a spokesman for the United Nations Refugee Agency, 80 percent of the roughly 250,000 individuals forced to abandon their homes in Afghanistan since the end of May have been women and children. According to a United Nations study issued last month, the number of women and children killed and injured surged in May and June, about the same time as the United States and other foreign troops began withdrawing their remaining soldiers from Afghanistan.

“Please remember the Afghan women and girls in your prayers. A tragedy is playing out right in front of our eyes “UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo said. “We’re keeping careful eye on the situation in #Afghanistan. Our group is secure. 

They are unhappy, but peaceful, and they are taking refuge in their current location “According to the organization. 
“Whatever happens in the next days, we remain committed to the concept that women can and should play role in shaping Afghanistan’s future. 
Our global group of supporters is more important than ever.”
The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security is also letting people know how they can help.
Melanne Verveer, the institute’s director, co-wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post urging the US government to do more to safeguard Afghan women. She and her co-author, Mina’s List’s Tanya Henderson, called on the US to charter direct evacuation flights for Afghan women activists and finance relocation efforts with money authorized for Afghan refugees by the Biden administration.
“For Afghan women and girls, it is a hazardous time,” the institution stated on its website. “The Taliban is gaining ground every day, assassinating female leaders, assaulting schoolgirls, and regressing women’s rights in the process. We’re running out of time to avoid the worst-case scenario.”
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