Addressing Issues Concerning: The Most Popular Kpop Idols Publication

Good day to you dear readers, my name is Gideon, and I am the current Lead Editor for Nubia Magazine. My attention was brought to some tweets and controversies about our recent feature on “The Most Popular Kpop Idols Worldwide 2021“. I am sorry you were disappointed about the feature, but I must state that the article was an official publication approved by our editorial team, a feature which took weeks before we could finalize, it was written by a staff author truly, you may disagree or not trust our findings, and that’s okay, but it was not made out of bias towards any personality. I re-read the article and noticed how some people could find the write-up biased towards certain names on the list, but the initial thought was to praise and celebrate all the K-pop stars on the list as much as possible because they deserve it looking at how far they have come. We never expected any hatred or disappointments before we published the article because we shared it with the Kpop committee members on our platform before it was published and we didn’t see issues of ‘bias’ raised at any point. We are working to expand our committee list for all the major niches on the platform. To be clear, we stand by the official ranking of “The Most Popular Kpop Idols Worldwide 2021” and to prove we did our research we are working to provide screenshots and more details on the metrics and factors we used in judging this list in the coming days. Please stay tuned. We didn’t expect our publication on the subject matter will be met with so much hatred and distrust which is why we didn’t bother showing “Proves of research”.

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Other issues I would like to address:

It is true any member can create articles on our platform but they are always different from our official features because there’s always a sign under the post showing this is a member’s content and not an official feature, just like this screenshot below. All contributions from members are usually reviewed before they are published.

We have committee members from different regions who contribute their opinions and ideas to what gets featured and what doesn’t, you can join our committee members to air your opinions and concerns for major future features and decisions.

The web administrator just confirmed to me she has corrected the error of anybody being able to write staff author on their profile.

Other issues concerning my previous avatar:

I used to have my picture on my profile on the platform but I removed it months ago and replaced it with a popular photo of a man and his pet since I am such a pet lover. I removed my original photo because I was getting a lot of abuse on a publication made months ago, the web admin had to shut down the comment section for a while. So no maliciousness, misrepresentation or bias on my end, my position as lead editor is temporary I will probably be replaced next year by the committee.

In conclusion: Please stop the hate comments towards certain names on the list, stop hate comments towards the author, all hate comments will be removed, you can disagree like a logical person in the comments but hate is not tolerated in any way, that is not what we represent. Thank you.

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Like I promised above, we are working to share screenshots and explanation for metrics on how the list was ranked in the coming days…

In the meantime, you can submit an application to join our global committee:



Latest update explaining metrics used for the ranking HERE

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  1. I am extremely sorry that people have questioned your abilities when you have mentioned that this article was made after a detailed research. People tend to be arrogant and bully people online if they don’t get what they want and sadly , it seems ,the same has happened here. Many thought the article was published by a normal user without checking the fact that it was indeed put out by an Editor. And in no way , i question the authenticity of the article since it’s a known fact that BTS’s Taehyung is indeed popular ,be it for his vocals or visuals. The only reason people question his popularity is because , sometimes statistics on multiple platforms consider only his stage name i.e BTS’s V ….but people have to consider that fact that he’s known by multiple names on the internet (V , Kim Taehyung , taehyung ) and various social media platforms fail to consider it.

    • It was one of the major factors in our study. We had to combine different stats from different names belonging to the personality popularly known as ‘V’

      • Im sorry but what did you study that you stated Jungkook as the “lead vocalist”. Thats the basic info can be found everywhere and you missed it? “Many of his dedicated fanbases believe he is the most popular Kpop idol in the world, is he? …? What was this shady writing? And may I ask why did you revise the article and didnt adress it that you used the misinfo and your writing was shady and unprofessional? Also, do you have any data from truthworthy sources to back your article?
        P/S: giving feedback and questioning the credibility of an artilce is not bullying

        • I still don’t understand the issue with the word “Lead vocalist?” based on popular information we noticed Jimin was often regarded as lead vocalist and we also found out Jungkook was often regarded as “main vocalist” which also means “Lead vocalist” when it comes to register of music bands in English language a main vocalist can also be regarded as a lead vocalist, just like the beatles Paul McCartney and Lennon. which was why the article originally read “A Lead Vocalist” meaning he is one of the major vocalists in the group.. I did not say he was the lead vocalist through and through

          • First of all, you were writing about a Kpop group. You said you did research about those Kpop idols and you dont know the basic thing as positions in Kpop? Tell me you are joking, right? Positions in a Kpop are not “regarded”, they are officially assigned. Jungkook is offficially a main vocalist and Jimin is officially a lead vocalist and those two positions are different in Kpop. Why did you use a Western band standards for a Kpop group? Have some respect and educate yourself about Kpop before even writing about it please.

          • Just Catalina just ignore August Nina. Not worth any stress over something so trivial. It’s not that deep. Positions in K-Pop can change with each song. K-Pop has changed alot over the years. BTS is not defined anymore to just K-Pop. This person stay stuck in past. There’s nothing wrong with your article. Great job. Borahae ????

        • you are being pressed over a title that was given to the members by their company when they debuted?? As if being called “lead vocal” is any less than a “main vocal” they are all the same thing and a title makes zero difference in popularity. I guarantee you people that don’t know BTS or aren’t fans don’t even know who is main or lead what in the group and they don’t care. Also, the article is not being shady, it only spoke facts but you took it to heart. “Many of his dedicated fanbases believe he is the most popular Kpop idol in the world, is he?”…well most of them do believe this so what do you expect(in fact everyone is gonna believe this about their fave idol). This is how all journalists write articles by asking such questions and cliff-hangers before the finale to engage the reader, it’s basic writing skills you can learn when you attend school.

          • They are their official positions which were asigned to them by their hardwork and ability. They didnt get them out of the blue. Stating the truth is not pressed. Trying to erase and belitte their positions is pressed.
            And main vocalist is different to lead vocalist, so if you choose to be ignorant, its on you.
            They are a writer, they are supposed to provide readers with correct information. The article has provided anything but facts

        • As they said before, if you search for “main voice” not only will Jungkook appear, but several kpop idols will appear. Besides that if we add other songs besides the names by which the artist is sought, taehyung would have a higher number, only in the recent presentation on the Billboard many locals asked about him as “the guy with glasses”.
          Either because of his magnificent visual, incredible voice and unmatched talent, Taehyung is the most popular idol in the world.

  2. Thank you for standing up and being truthful regarding this issue. Those are not real fans of the group if they cannot be happy with any of the member. They are solo stans who keep attacking people when someone is being above their idol. This always happens when that certain member is being recognized, nothing new. We feel sorry and humiliated by the people who cannot digest such facts and research because apparently, they have their own. We hope you will prosper and have all the support you need in this industry.

  3. Thank you sooo much we appreciate your hard working guys we love Kim Taehyung and sorry for that is just Taehyung antie you know they hate seeing him succee ????????

  4. We truly appreciate the effort and It was very pleasant to see the way authors have handled the situation. We respect the level of professionalism and lastly our Taehyung is a very well known, respectable and widely respected icon. Always the trees that bear fruits are stoned! ????????

  5. “The only people who are mad at u for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie. Keep speaking the truth.”

  6. You can’t manipulate actual numbers when it comes to followings, likes, votes, poles, sales, engagements and surveys as people can do with views and trends. I see these antis using hashtag, trend, or name searches as their reasons for why JK is most popular, so let me clear it up. V’s real name on Twitter has been muted for 2years now and recently on twittle Japan too. Yet he still manages to trends with various different names on a daily, and on tiktok he has 4 different hashtags with billions of views each. The four together add up to way more than the two hashtags for jungkook’s name. “tae” “taehyung” “V” and “Kim Taehyung” all have so many views they add up to 84B+ views which is more. And google trends do not equal popularity or likability. Celeb’s google searches go up all the time over scandals and over the past three years jungkook has been googled for his tattoos/piercings and if they are real or not, his dating scandals, car accidents, or going out during pandemic, etc. So obvi people are gonna wanna google to see what’s going on. The literal definition of being popular is being “liked and admired by a large group of people”; google searches and hashtag views alone are not what define this.

    • Thank you for being so informed Nina.. You already mentioned many of the techniques we used to gather the actual stats we used in making our judgement. More information coming soon

      • Thank you very much for your work, it is seen that you investigated very well and did a hard work, sorry if the antis comments bothered you as you can see there are annoying people because their fav are not in the position they wanted

    • Exactly this. They will go on and on about the trends and hashtags and google searches to with their narrative. Add to your facts, that Taehyung is not only talked about in the KPOP industry alone, the Kmedia reported about his acting career, 5 years after his first project and mentioned that he is one of the most, if not the most sough-after actor in Korea with estimated 445k USD fee as an offer PER episode that will still go up depending on BTS’s and Taehyung’s impact and global status. That fee is almost the same as the highest paid actor in Korea right now. And yes, his visual alone is being talked about. He is not only talked about in regards to BTS and KPOP alone but other industry as well.

      • That’s true. It’s funny cause ik tae gets lots of mentions and hashtags but I never use that as something to brag about. Like I don’t go around saying his hashtag has billions of views on tiktok, an app run by a majority of kids. When I mention him to my friends I say how he is known as the most handsome man in the world and has won countless of polls, how he is the artist with the most itunes number ones for a song, or how he is one of the few soloists to chart at number one on Melon especially with an unpromoted song. But if talking about achievements there is so many to talk about it would become an endless list. The main thing is his attractive personality and how people love him for who he is. And like you said he is in high demand for acting and even advertisements. Also so many celebs mention him and how he is their bias. There is Haim, Dylan O’brien’s friend Max Minghella, Conan grey, Ansel Elgort, John Legend’s wife and prob John himself, countless kpop idols and many more. These are the ones I remember from the top of my head lol but there is a lot more I think there is a whole series on youtube called “everybody loves V” just about this.

        • Yes. I forgot to mention about the advertisements. Thank you for adding that. Now, Tae also has a long liat of Thai actor and actress as fans. Also, Tony Award and Grammy winner like Lea and Somi Jo often talks about how their fave is V. Being selected by I-Magazine as the best face in 2018 that composes of 350 professionals (photographers, magazine editors, designers, make-up artists, fashion and beauty experts, etc.). The fact that people in the same industry especially, professionals and veterans recognized Taehyung is very telling. They know how the industry works and have met/work with countless of amazing people who are in the same field and yet they still admire and favor Tae. They know his power and influence.

  7. Please you did great to collect data also jk is only most searched which jk stans themselves spam or also v have 2 names in searching method
    2 thing if you search most popular members of each group there are 10 videos so 8 results are V
    3 thing that also at tiktok he have disadvantaged of many names, on Twitter he have disadvantaged of muting so you can guess why jk is doing well in these things they stupid call this popularity where V is getting disadvantaged and giving their fav a way to shine
    So don’t be depressed by them V is most popular kpop idol worldwide since debut yo until now

  8. Thank you for the well written and unbiased article. I am you received negative feedbacks. These are unhappy fans who only expect their bias to be on top. I suggest you ignore this and not let it affect you. Unfortunately Kpop is full of immature people who make it their life mission to hate people who don’t agree with them.

  9. Great response, I am sorry you have to go through this process when your magazine has done nothing wrong. Please ignore the hate, they are from immature people.

  10. Thank you for this article. Congratulations to all of the candidates. Love u bts. #V #KIM TAEHYUNG #BTS

  11. Sr editor, muchas gracias por su aclaración sin duda está publicación es lo suficiente profesional para dar tranquilidad a los seguidores de taehyung , pero no espere lo mismo con aquellas personas que a pesar de las aclaraciones y respaldos No se conformarán hasta llamar la atención de manera tan tóxica por qué “su favorito” no es el favorito del resto del mundo..Kim taehyung se ha ganado la admiración, y amor por ser un artista completo,
    muy talentoso y versátil, con una imagen de dios griego y una personalidad cálida y entrañable, sin duda merece ser el ganador en mil encuestas más…

  12. You have to understand that social media likes like Instagram and facebook can be bought. If that is your basis here, you are definitely wrong. We were made aware of other solo stans fanbases buying of Instagram likes. You should have included solo member’s music streams and interviewing non-kpop listeners of all ages and gender. That’s how you know who really is popular among the gp. Also which streets did you say you survey? Cause BTS members’ popularity vary from different countries. In South Korea, BTS Jimin is the most popular idol in both men and women idol category. In other European countries, it is either Jimin or Jungkook. In Philippines and India, it is BTS V/Taehyung. So we’d like to know how you came up with this? There is also no way Lisa of Blankpink is more popular than Jimin. If you do not present valid results, we will report this whole article for dissemination of fake news and disinformation.

    • Feel free to submit your data as well. I’m really curious why you’re adamant about your claims. Show us your research, not just screen shots from SNS posts. We will wait.

  13. if you search jk on apps like tiktok you’re gonna see the majority of posts aren’t about him. #jk means “just kidding” and half the posts with this hashtag are posts from random people and not relating to jungkook. Also golden maknae is not his actual name, there are maknaes called this in other kpop groups too he isn’t the only maknae to exist.

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