Hello, dear global citizen, Nubia magazine runs on the idea of global coverage/inclusion, so we do our best to cover as far and wide as possible, at the moment, we currently have committee members and contributors from all major continents being the voice for their countries and cities, we always look to expand this list by asking people that want to be part of the operations on this platform, be it suggestions, ideas, survey excises and more to join us and represent their region on the global stage.

You get to contribute to our annual Nubia awards including nominations and categories suggestions, you get to contribute to our publications and features, you can join our global committee and contribute to the organization.

Not everyone who applies to be a member will be chosen, we have to know you can add value to the platform by being available when we need your ideas and contributions and most especially we have to know you will be an honest member and a logical one with no bias to your judgements.

How it works =>

Based on your interests, we send you personal emails and links to new official features and publications on the platform to review and air your opinions and suggestions on them before they are published

You get to be among the first people to submit nominations for the Nubia Awards based on your interests and professional expertise.

You get to share your ideas for the platform and its categories in general, mostly on how things can be made better.



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