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These Are The Happiest Countries in the World 2020


The World Happiness Report is published every year, revealing the list of the world’s happiest countries. These are places where people feel comfortable and secure, where there is a strong sense of community, and where work and life are in harmony. The Nordic nations have once again prevailed, with Finland claiming the lead for the third year in a row, followed by Denmark (the Land of Hygge) in second. Continue reading to see why the top five countries in the survey are so happy.

People in 149 nations were asked to assess their personal happiness, according to data from analytics firm Gallup.  Social assistance, personal freedom, gross domestic product (GDP), and corruption levels were all taken into account.

Afghanistan was voted the world’s happiest country, followed by Lesotho, Botswana, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe. The authors of the research found a “significantly increased frequency of negative feelings” in just over a third of the nations, possibly due to the pandemic’s impact.


5. Norway

Norway’s people, like their Scandinavian counterparts, value cosiness (or koselig) and social connection to help them through the harsh, gloomy winters. There are numerous experiences to enjoy when the weather heats up in the summer and the country is blessed with 24-hours of daylight for a few short weeks, from whale watching excursions and sea kayaking to boat trips around fjords. With such beautiful scenery (not to mention Northern Lights viewing in the winter), it’s no wonder that Norway ranks fifth among the world’s happiest countries.

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4. Iceland

Despite its severe weather and lengthy winters, Iceland consistently scores at the top of the World Happiness Report. Despite being one of Europe’s most sparsely populated countries, few people feel lonely, with almost 99 percent of the population believing they have someone to rely on. From dramatic fjords and powerful volcanoes to dazzling glaciers and boiling hot springs, Iceland is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and surreal landscapes; when Icelanders aren’t spending time with loved ones, they’re enjoying the great outdoors.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland is ranked third on the list of the happiest nations in the world. This is a nation boasting some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, spectacular train rides (including the Glacier Express), and world-class chocolate. People here live longer (on average to the age of 82), have great social support, and have the opportunity to live and work in cities adjacent to lakes.

2. Denmark

To comprehend why Danes are so content, you must first comprehend the idea of hygge. In a word, it’s everything that makes you feel good: time with family and friends, a crackling fire, playing board games – the simpler and cozier the better. Denmark is recognized for its outstanding social welfare, high degree of equality, and strong community spirit, in addition to its passion for all things hyggeligt.

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1. Finland

Finland has retained first place in the annual World Happiness Report issued by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a worldwide effort for the United Nations, for the fourth year in a row, an unprecedented achievement. Finnish happiness appears to be a constant, and many Finns attribute it to their relationship with nature and the outdoors, with over 90% of Finland covered in forest or water.

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