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Richest Korean Celebrities 2024 And Their Net Worth

richest korean celebrities 2020

Nubiapage Magazine presents you with a new list featuring the richest Korean celebrities 2024 and their net worth. South Korea, which for long was unknown and overlooked in the pop music world, made an incredible breakthrough starting in the 1990s. Today, K-Pop is a huge industry with millions of followers, approaching a 100 billion-dollar profit threshold annually.

Just to give you an idea about the size of the industry, “That Gangnam song was watched 2,8 billion times.” K-entertainment is taking the world by storm with South Korean music, TV dramas, cinema and videos of K-pop performers going viral online. But what you might not have seen are big and small screen offerings featuring everything from hardcore thrillers to the downright melodrama.

The growing popularity of Korean pop culture in the world was at least partly driven by the South Korean government supporting its creative industries through subsidies and funding for start-ups, as a form of soft power and in its aim of becoming one of the world’s leading exporters of culture along with Japanese and British culture, a niche that the United States has dominated for nearly a century. In 2014, the South Korean government allocated 1% of its annual budget to cultural industries and it had raised a $1 billion fund to nurture popular culture. During this time, Korean society began to be recognized as developed on par with the Western world.

We will be showing you the most influential and most powerful Korean celebrities as of 2024. This list will be containing the richest Korean stars from K-Pop Idols to the richest Actors and Actresses in South Korea.

Who Is The Richest Korean Celebrity?

As of 2024 the richest celebrity in South Korea is Jin Young Park aka JYP. He is also the richest musician with an estimated net worth of 200 million dollars. Most of Park’s revenue comes from his company JYP Entertainment.

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List Of The Richest Korean Celebrities 2024 And Their Net Worth:

1. JYP – $205 million

The proprietor of JYP Entertainment, and Kpop symbol, JYP or Jin Young Park remains at the top. He is by a wide margin the most extravagant kpop symbol, and it will be hard to beat his score. He had a fruitful music vocation during the 90s. Yet, he didn’t stop at music. JYP opened his own office, JYP Entertainment, which is one of the greatest in South Korea. He is additionally the most extravagant organization head as far as stock possession (17.8%). Park’s own offers worth $169 million alone. Its most likely that JYP has made a significant name and cash bills for himself. The record maker, head of JYP, and performer merits an incredible $200 million.


2. Kim Jaejoong – $97 Million

Richest K Pop Star In Korea 2020

Kim Jaejoong is a popular South Korean singer, actor and composer. He is no. 1 on the list of the richest Korean celebrities 2020. The now star was given up for adoption and his adopted family changed his name to Kim Jae Joong. He has stylized his name as JaeJoong as a music artist and also went by the name Hero Jaejoong. Kim Jaejoong does have considerable wealth, he has a net worth of $100 Million USD. Reported by Allkpop, Kim Jaejoong bought a 300 square meter flat for $2.5 million in 2012 in Samsung and rented it out, with a monthly rental income of $4900 USD.

He also purchased a building (J-Line Building) for $7 million USD in 2014 in Seocho-dong and rented it out with a land area of ​​465 square meters, a total ground area of ​​1,765 square feet, one underground garage level, and seven above-ground floors, including 1-2 floors for eating and 3-6 floors for a passive income of $35,000 USD. With an estimated net worth of  $88 Million as of 2020 He is known for having luxury cars such as the Bentley Continental, Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640, Mitsuoka Himiko, Audi R8, 2 Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Ferrari 458, and a Rolls-Royce Wraith.

In 2015, Jaejoong started his own fashion company called MOLDIR. He designs his own brand which he sells at his luxury clothing store in Cheongdam. He may not be the richest Korean celebrity 2020 but he is richest Kpop star as of 2020. Kim Jaejoong also owns a café with the name Cafe J-Holic in Samsung-dong. Jaejoong also has a bar in the Gagnam area with the name Holic-J. Coffee Cojjee is a coffee shop operated by Jaejoong in the Samsung-dong area. Jaejoong also has a Japanese restaurant chain Bum’s Story owned by him and Park Yoochun in Gagnam.

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3. PSY (Park-Jae-sang) – $73 Million

Top 10 Richest K-Pop Idols 2020 And Net Worth K-Pop Groups, Stars & Family 2

Here comes, Before K-Pop became a dominant genre of music globally, Psy took the world by storm in 2012 when he released the song, Gangnam Style. The track, which was a single off his sixth album, Psy 6 (Six Rules), became a global phenomenon, topping several charts across the globe. He was able to make $300,000 for a single concert in Malaysia. Famous record executive Scooter Braun, the manager for Justin Bieber, is also the manager for PSY.

He is also a film star and a television star in Korea. PSY has done endorsements for brands like Sonic Drive-in, Wonderful Pistachios, and Haute couture just to name a few. He also is involved with non-profit organizations such as World Vision and Rotary International. PSY as of 2020 estimated Net Worth is set at $73 Million which makes him high at the top on the list of the richest Korean celebrities 2020

4. Kim Soo Hyun – $68 million

Richest Korean actors 2020

As of 2021 Kim Soo Hyun is the second richest celebrity in Korea. The popular actor was first included in the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list in 2013 placing fourth, and subsequently ranking second in 2015, and fifth in 2016. The business magazine’s Asia edition also listed him in its 30 under 30 in 2016. The success of his television dramas throughout Asia established him as a top Hallyu star.

The popular South Korean Actor Kim Soo Hyun is a true CF star, reportedly earning nearly 100 billion KRW through roles in Korean and Chinese commercials. Kim Soo Hyun has played many successful lead roles throughout his career, including his most internationally renowned character Do Min Joon in the hit drama “My Love From the Stars.”

5. G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-Yong) – $66 Million

Richest Korean Pop Stars 2020

G Dragon is a name that has a significant impact upon Korean pop industry. He is a singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, fashion icon and entrepreneur. Dragon is the source of inspiration for many K-pop artists. He has not limited his skills in a particular field; instead, he has multiple talents. G-Dragon along with Big Bang are Korea’s highest paid celebrities over endorsements, reportedly having an asking price of $1–1.5 million USD per endorsement in 2011. According to Koreaboo G-Dragon purchased and moved into a luxury penthouse apartment worth ₩9 billion KRW ($7,313,510 USD) in Hannam In April 2020.

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In August 2015, he became the face of Airbnb in the Asian market. In 2016, G-Dragon started endorsing Shinsegae, the largest retailer in South Korea and his merchandises were reported to take up over 49% of sales in the YG store. He also endorsed the Italian sportswear label Kappa as a part of their 100th anniversary and it was reported that he earned US$1.9 million from the brand.

He was selected as the face of Hyundai’s Verna concept vehicle, appearing at an auto show in Beijing which saw 10,000 fans gather to see him in person. As a songwriter, G-Dragon earns as much as $700,000 a year in royalties and has made his $50 million net worth via other means such as endorsement deals as well as his career as a model and fashion designer. He is 4th on the list of the richest Korean celebrities 2024.

6. Lee Young-ae – $59 million

highest paid korean actress 2020

Lee Young-ae is a popular veteran South Korean actress and model. She is currently ranked as the 5th richest Korean celebrity 2020 After appearing in numerous television commercials, she entered the world of television dramas as well as films. Dae Jang Geum (2003), and as a revenge seeking single mother in Park Chan-wook’s crime thriller film Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005).

In 2012, she served as the celebrity spokesperson for the “Love Donation” project, hosted by Woman Chosun magazine. She donated a large sum of money which will be used to build a school in Myanmar. In 2006, for the first time in 12 years, NHK had to use the NHK Hall to host the NHK show due to her popularity; and stamps featuring Lee was also released in Japan.


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