Top 10 Songs to Listen to While Gaming

The popularity of video games in the modern day and age is simply undeniable. Many studies have highlighted absurd numbers of active gamers around the globe, numbers surpassing the three billion mark, and even so, still expecting to grow larger in the near future.

Regardless of what one’s stance is on video games, no one can deny that the industry is doing something right when it comes to getting the attention of the consumer. Many experts theorize that the success of the industry is tied to the digitalization of the previously well-established games.

We can look at the RNG system that many video games incorporate, for example. Historically, various companies have used this same system successfully, and the easiest to highlight would be casinos. Think of card games like real money blackjack, which rely on the uncertainty of the card decks and randomized rewards. As casinos proved, the concept of a random reward being bigger the bigger of a risk one takes, has always been fascinating to the human mind, and a ton of video games re-incorporate this method, on a much smaller scale.

Regardless though, gamers often go to many lengths to make their experience even more fun. Whether that is buying specialized gear best suited for them, or simply listening to music that helps them either wind down, or perform slightly better. Based on the top music platforms, and their most popular gaming playlists, we will be going over the 10 great options to definitely consider adding to your own playlist.

10. Fighting myself, Linkin Park

Qualifying under the genre of Rap rock, as well as Nu metal, fighting myself is a mid-paced track, with passionate vocals, and excellent instrumentation accompanying it. Linkin Park was always known for mixing the already diverse genre of Metal to other styles, primarily hip-hop, but also punk, electronic music, and even aspects of pop.

This formula helped them create a unique sound that was relatively complex, all the while being super catchy and memorable. With Fighting myself specifically though, it definitely does qualify under this umbrella, and is also quite popular amongst gamers, most likely due to creating a sense of hype and excitement to take on whatever challenge is ahead.

9. Royalty, Ezgod & Maestro Chives 

Continuing the list, we have an entirely new genre of music, and that would be Royalty by Ezgod and Maestro Chives. The track qualifies as a dance/electronic music, but surprisingly, has an incredibly beautiful utilization of the violin, which blends in perfectly with the drumbeat as both explode in the chorus of the song.

That same chorus is easily the highlight of the song, as the lyrics and instruments spend a significant amount of time building up to it. Notably, despite being in a completely different genre, as opposed to Fighting myself (previous entry), the two songs tend to trigger a similar emotion in gamers.

8. Close eyes, Dvrst

Up next, we have an artist that has been taking the extremely trendy genre of Phonk, into new and unexplored grounds. His most popular track, close eyes is a great example of this. Unlike most other Phonk songs, close eyes is accompanied by a very relaxing mid-paced instrumental, and quiet lyrics.

The song is perfect for solo gaming sessions, where one does not really want to overstimulate their brains, and just want to wind down after a long day of work.

7. Dream Space, Dvrst

Once again, the artist demonstrates that the genre of Phonk can be beautiful and melodic, as well as energetic and atmospheric. Similar to close eyes, Dream space has a huge emphasis on the instrumental, letting it shine over the quiet lyrics

The track creates a strange feeling of adventure and a mix of nostalgia, which once again is perfect for many different gaming sessions.

6. Shootout, Izzamusic

Continuing down the trend of quiet lyrics and impactful instrumentals, we have Shootout, a song qualifying as pop music. Despite its simplicity, this is one of those songs that can be looped without it getting old, or boring.

Perhaps, that same simplicity makes the track so popular amongst gamers. It is not over-stimulating, and can easily sit at the back of your mind as you are focused on the game itself.

5. Superman, Eminem

What can be said about Eminem that has not been said already. In addition to being a lyrical genius, he also has an extremely rhythmic flow, and catchy melodic tracks. Superman is a great example of all of this, however the rhythm and the melody are more desirable for those who are multitasking and focusing on other things, which does fit the topic of today’s list quite well.

4. Bury the Light, DMC5, Casey Edwards & Victor Borba

Next up is actually a track from a game, as opposed to an individual artist or a band. Bury the Light, from Devil May Cry 5, is a metal track, with elements of power, and symphonic subgenres. As traditional to all well-made metal music, the song has great instrumentals, including a well-composed guitar solo near the end.

However, the highlights of the track for many people tends to be powerful chorus with incredible vocal performance. Depending on one’s mood, the song can be a great accompaniment to an energetic gaming session.

3. Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin are simply one of the greatest musicians of all time, and their track Immigrant Song, perfectly captures the high-paced, energetic vibe that would get anyone hyped up. Naturally, that would include the gamers, who are looking for some extra motivation in order to take their games to the next level.

2. After Dark, Mr. Kitty

After Dark is a recent hit from the synth-pop genre. Similar to some songs on the list, it is quite slow and melodic, with an incredibly memorable, yet strangely haunting chorus. The song garnered huge popularity amongst people, and gamers are definitely quite fond of it as well, based on the tracks placements in many gaming playlists.

1. Dancin (Krono Remix), Aaron Smith

Finally, as the title would suggest, we have a dancing/electronic track. Despite the minor key, Dancin still has a positive vibe and lyrics, creating a strange, unique dynamic with the instrumentals. This same dynamic also makes the track fit to almost any mood and situation, which is perfect for gamers.

No matter what game is being played, as long as the song aligns with the gamers taste, it will also enhance the experience, which, paired with the popularity of the song in various different gaming playlists, is the reason Dancin is placed at number one.

Some Honorable Mentions and Extra Information

Of course, our perception of music is extremely subjective, and by no means is anyone’s list going to be definitive. Many songs possibly deserve to be on the list, but simply did not make due to the lack of popularity amongst playlists.

A great example would be classical music, objectively proven to have positive effects on the brain. Perhaps the music from certain TV shows or anime, like Next to You from Parasite, or Hyori Ittai from Hunter x Hunter.

Ultimately, with so much incredible music that was produced across the history of mankind, choosing an arbitrary amount is extremely challenging, however due to the experience that gamers are looking for when picking a track to play along with, as well as some of the playlists and data of what these choices are, we might get a list similar to this one.

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