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Top 10 Countries With The Highest Paying Doctors (2024 Update)

Almost every nation in the world depends on doctors highly. Not every nation, meanwhile, pays enough for their efforts. According to statistics, 38% of doctors seek greater possibilities since they are dissatisfied with their present pay. Although other elements like career possibilities, work-life balance, quality of life, etc. all play a big role, money is mostly the first item doctors think about when moving overseas.

One can find a fulfilling and enriching career for a doctor. This is a decent career that is well valued everywhere. It gives you chances to favorably affect society and the community as well as save life. While a medical career is not only about money, the financial benefits from your knowledge and abilities can support your personal and professional growth.

List Of Top 10 Countries With The Highest Paying Doctors In The World 2024

1. Luxembourg

Most of the capital of Luxembourg comes from its financial industry. Doctors earn good money, not only do bankers and accountants. The OECD estimates doctors make an average of $357,300 annually. A basic practitioner makes $278,900 year; a specialist gets $352,300. Apart from their monthly pay, their compensation covers accommodation and transportation. Still, the small population of the nation fuels intense competition among doctors for positions.

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2. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a dream workplace and doctor’s paradise. Apart from paying their doctors fairly, they also give their staff pleasant working conditions and enough vacation time. Doctors liking working there is hardly surprising. For its people, they also include a world-class healthcare system. Every household, for example, has a personal doctor. Medics thus go home with a decent salary. While general practitioners make roughly $117,000 annually, specialists bring in about $253,000.

3. Switzerland

Among the best places for a doctor to work is Switzerland. The government works to give its people enough education and healthcare. Besides, they pay their doctors generously and offer good living standards. While general practitioners make about $116,000 annually, medical specialists earn an amazing $130,000. Still, working in Switzerland calls for learning German, Italian, and French among other languages.

4. USA

The average pay of a US primary care physician is $ 223,000; that of a medical expert is $329,000 annually. Medscape’s 2018 poll shows that a doctor’s annual salary averages $299,000. Apart from increased pay, medics appreciate professional development. The hitch is that you must pass the three-part UMLE tests if you want to practice medicine in the USA.

5. Belgium

This nation, with its historic towns and lovely cities, has a bad reputation among doctors. Doctors in Belgium put in far more than any other European nation—51 hours a week. Conversely, due to high tax rates, general practitioners find it difficult to make a decent living. Healthcare workers can make a good salary even with the costly taxes. While ordinary practitioners in this area get just $61,000, experts make over $188,000 a year.

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6. Canada

The ongoing doctor migration to the United States is causing a notable shortage of doctors in Canada. Most of their doctors depart for better income and working circumstances. Canadian doctors are thus handling a considerable volume of patients. Patients also have to wait a long time to visit a doctor. Notwithstanding challenges, Canadian doctors earn more than those in other countries. While general practitioners make about $107,000 a year, specialists make about $161,000 a year. The Canadian government also offers physicians health benefits including sick, study, vacation, maternity, and paternity leaves as well as malpractice insurance.

7. United Kingdom

Doctors would also find the United Kingdom, another European nation ideal. The NHS helps UK people to have timely service delivery and improved healthcare. Its doctors’ attractive salaries so it makes sense. While specialists make roughly $174,068, a general practitioner’s pay is an average of $85,250 a year. Apart from that, locums and private practice give doctors extra money. Moreover appreciated by NHS doctors are life assurance benefits and thorough pensions.

8. New Zealand

Australia usually ranks higher than New Zealand in most professions, including highly paid medical ones. Conversely, in terms of medicine, New Zealand is the top destination to work. Professionals should anticipate to get an average of $138,261 even if there are no figures for normal earnings. Most English-speaking doctors visit New Zealand, a private and public healthcare system. Your bank account will thus appreciate you if you are considering the changeover.

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9. Australia

The “island continent” pays the doctors fairly. For better pay, healthcare workers are leaving Europe for Australia. Moreover, there are other reasons one should work in Australia. One finds great working circumstances as well as a human resource support system. Furthermore supported by the Australian government is education for medical professionals. Doctors, for instance, learn and grow by experience on the job. General practitioners make about $91,000; specialists make about $247,000.

10. Ireland

The North Atlantic Island ranks among the top earning destinations for doctors. While general practitioners make roughly $90,000, specialists in Ireland get an average of $143,000 annually. Here, the salary is on par with that of other countries and commercial and public sector medical experts. Based on the kind and degree of experts, doctors can charge $200–$300. A 15 to 20-minute consultation becomes more expensive. Their total income exceeds the national average of $143,000. Should you be an English-speaking physician not bothered about the temperature, you could wish to relocate to Ireland.

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