7 Tips In Sports Betting Beginners Need To Know

Looking at a sports betting website can be daunting. The terminology used, numbers and symbols, and contradictory information can be enough to put beginners off. 


Although it seems like the betting world takes a lifetime to master, the truth is completely the opposite. 


The jargon used to explain the latest sports betting odds is designed for reading quickly – that way you can place your bets while the odds are still in your favor. And the contradictory information simply means one of your data sets is old. The sporting world moves fast, so always trust the latest data.


Here are some more tips to help you get into sports betting.


Use Twitter And Insights Websites

As we said before, sports move quickly. The best way to get current information is to look on Twitter.


Twitter sporting commentators tell you information about the player, team, or league as it changes. Has a player received an unexpected injury, forcing the team to bench a star and let a rookie play? That information will be all over the team’s Twitter page.

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Insights websites do the same thing, telling you all the little details that can help you decide if the team or player will do well in their sport. 


Do your own research and check locations that give you information from the source – the team’s official website, Twitter page, or the tournament’s own insights page.


Use A Reputable Website To Bet

All over the internet, you’ll find scammers. They will try to entice you into their dodgy website, to “bet” money. But if you’re meant to receive payments, these websites refuse to cough up the cash.


Instead, use well-established betting sites like FanDuel online sportsbook. These sites will offer you legitimate bets and will pay out when you win. You can confirm if a website is legitimate by the quality of its advertisement both on TV and online. 


The second way to check is by clicking on their licensing information. The website needs to confirm what their license is, and have that information confirmed by the licensing authority themselves.


Thirdly, check out their reviews. They should have thousands to sieve through, with a rating of 3.5 or higher.


Search For Rewards

When you join a betting site for the first time, the company will do all it can to keep you with them. This means offering bonuses and free bets. Once you’re hooked, these offers tend to die down. 


If that happens to you, take the initiative to move to a new site. One of two things will happen – either the company will forget all about you so you can get the bonuses from a new source, or the company will try and keep you. They’ll offer a loyalty program giving amazing rewards to repeat customers.


Weigh up your options and go with the deal that offers the best rewards.


Don’t Bet On Score Predictions

A quick way to lose your money is to bet on a specific outcome. Instead, bet on lines. When an underdog is playing against a strong team, they are often given a line or spread of 1.5+. This means, if the underdog wins, the site will pay you $1.50 for every $1 your bet.


Here you’re betting on who will win, not how much they win by.


Don’t Bet On Your Favorites

Betting is a numbers game. It doesn’t matter if your favorite team is on the pitch, or your most idolized player is taking their shot. If their numbers aren’t looking good, don’t bet on them.


Keep Losing? Stop Playing

It’s a common misconception that a round of bad luck must be followed by a round of good, but in most cases, you’ll end up going into a downward spiral. If you keep losing, back away. 


At this point, you’ve probably lost your good judgment and can no longer sensibly estimate a good win. Don’t chase the losses, just take a bow and leave.

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Set A Limit And Quit While You’re Ahead

Before you start your day of betting, give yourself a limit. It could be $50 or it could be $500, but as soon as you spent that limit back away from the table. This will help avoid the addiction of the game, while also telling you how much you’ve spent/earned.


If you end up doubling your limit value, take that as a sign to quit while you’re ahead. The longer you spend gambling, the more likely you will lose. Your energy will deplete and your ability to make good judgments will waver – quite while you’re ahead.


Final Thoughts

The most important thing is to have fun. That might seem cliched, but if you aren’t enjoying the research part of your betting process, then drop it. If you only like betting on your favorites, then do that. Ignore any of our tips that prevent you from having fun.


The two tips you should always follow are finding reputable sites and stopping playing when you’re losing. This will prevent you from losing too much money.

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