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Top 10 Richest People In Canada (2024 Update)

Canadian billionaires are a varied group. Some inherit, some create riches via their own businesses, and still others wise investments.

Known for its abundance of natural resources and creative businesses, Canada boasts a varied collection of billionaires. Media magnates, computer innovators, industrial tycoons, and retail behemoths rank among Canada’s wealthiest citizens. These people with their strategic investments and commercial sense not only affect the national economy but also impact international markets. From the tech-driven success stories in e-commerce and online gaming to the ongoing legacies of family-owned enterprises in oil, forestry, and retail, the richest Canadians have much to contribute.

List Of Top 10 Richest People In Canada 2024

10. Lino Saputo -$4.5 Billion

1937 saw Lino Saputo born in Italy. In his early years, he migrated to Canada and started Saputo Inc., among the biggest dairy processors worldwide. Beginning with a little cheese shop in Montreal in the 1950s, Saputo expanded the business by means of calculated acquisitions and a quality and innovation emphasis. Under his direction, Saputo Inc. grew globally and became rather well-known in Australia, Argentina, and the United States. Transformational power of Saputo’s family company into a worldwide dairy powerhouse has come mostly from his business sense and dedication to quality. Apart from the dairy business, Lino Saputo participates in several other investments including sports and real estate. Renowned for his charitable endeavors, he has given freely to cultural venues, education, and healthcare. From a modest immigrant family company to a major worldwide enterprise, Saputo’s path shows how tenacity and strategic vision help to create a legacy.

9. Chip Wilson -$5.3 Billion

1956 sees Chip Wilson born in Vancouver. His most well-known contribution is that of founding Lululemon Athletica, the esteemed sports wear brand. Beginning Lululemon in 1998, Wilson took advantage of the expanding yoga and athleisure apparel trend. Lululemon distinguishes itself in a congested industry by using his creative method of combining technical athletic apparel with elegant designs. Under his direction, the business grew quickly and developed into a worldwide brand connected with premium sports wear. Wilson is a prominent real estate investor and philanthropist in addition to Lullemon. Through the Wilson Family Foundation, he has made major contributions to community and health-related projects in Vancouver as well as substantially invested in the real estate market.

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8. James K. Irving -$5.5 Billion

Born in Bouctouche, New Brunswick, James K. Irving was born 1928. Being co-owner of J.D. Irving Limited, he is a major player in the corporate scene of Canada. Established by his father, J.D. Irving Limited has evolved into a multifarious conglomerate engaged in retail, agricultural, manufacturing, and forestry as well as shipbuilding. Emphasizing sustainable practices and manufacturing innovation, James was instrumental in growing the divisions of forestry and paper products of the company. James K. Irving, well-known for his quiet demeanor, has maintained a low profile despite guiding one of the biggest privately held businesses in Canada. Long-term development, environmental responsibility, and community building define his company philosophy. The Irving family is also well-known for their generosity, which has helped New Brunswick’s community projects, education, and healthcare considerably.

7. Mark Scheinberg -$5.6 Billion

1973 saw Mark Scheinberg born in Israel and raised in Canada. In 2001 he co-founded pokerstars alongside his father, Isai Scheinberg. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface and aggressive marketing techniques, the online poker website rapidly rose to the top in the market. Particularly following the World Championship of Online poker and the European Poker Tour, pokersars transformed the internet poker scene. Scheinberg’s commercial sense enabled the enterprise to flourish even while internet gaming ran up legal obstacles all around. Scheinberg became among the richest people in Canada when he sold Rational Group, the parent firm of poker Stars, to Amaya Gaming for $4.9 billion in 2014. He has diversified his assets since then, concentrating on hotel and luxury real estate markets. Scheinberg’s low-profile way of living contrasts with the high stakes world of online poker, although his strategic vision still shapes his commercial activities. His change from online gaming to more general investing shows his flexibility and foresight.

6. Tobi Lütke -$6.2 Billion

Born in Koblenz, Germany, in 1980, Tobi Lütke co-founded and runs Shopify, a top e-commerce platform with headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. Originally starting an online snowboard company, self-taught coder Lütke relocated to Canada in 2002. Angry with the current e-commerce system, he resolved to create his own platform, which resulted in Shopify’s 2006 founding. Shopify has expanded enormously under his direction, enabling millions of companies all around to create and flourish their online presence. Lütke’s creative approach and dedication to user-friendly technology have helped Shopify become rather important in the e-commerce sector. Emphasizing remote work and employee well-being, his progressive corporate culture and open leadership style are well-known.

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5. Arthur Irving -$6.3 Billion

1930 saw the birth of Arthur Irving. Along with the co-owner of the Irving family empire, James K. Irving is brother. James concentrated on forestry; Arthur drove Irving Oil, the family’s oil division, to unprecedented heights. Irving Oil, with its headquarters in Saint John, New Brunswick, manages one of the biggest oil refineries in North America and has a vast chain of gas stations all over Eastern Canada and New England. Irving Oil leads the petroleum industry thanks in great part to Arthur’s strategic vision and emphasis on operational effectiveness. Arthur is well-known for his direct leadership approach and commitment to the staff members and consumers of the business. Irving Oil has flourished under his direction despite the difficulties of the oil business, juggling environmental issues with development.

4. Alain Bouchard -$7.2 Billion

1949 saw Alain Bouchard born in Chicoutimi, Quebec. Alimentation Couche-Tard is one of the biggest convenience store chains worldwide, and he founded and executive chairman of it. Beginning with one store in 1980, Bouchard grew rapidly by acquisitions, transforming Couche-Tard into a worldwide powerhouse with thousands of sites all throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. The company’s explosive expansion has been much aided by his entrepreneurial energy and calculated acquisitions, including the acquisition of Circle K. Even with his great accomplishment, Bouchard stays grounded and emphasizes frequently the need of humility and diligence. Couche-Tard’s democratic leadership approach stresses creativity and agility to make sure he stays competitive in a retail scene fast evolving.

3. Jim Pattison -$9 Billion

Jim Pattison arrived in Saskatchewan in 1928. Among Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs, he is a self-made billionaire. Beginning with a single automobile dealership in Vancouver, he grew his company empire into the Jim Pattison Group, covering packaging, food, forestry, and entertainment among other sectors. Emphasizing invention and customer satisfaction, Pattison built his company from the bottom up, well-known for his unwavering work ethic and sharp business sense. Tens of thousands of people from many fields make up the Jim Pattison Group today. Pattison is well-known for his simple way of living, hands-on management style, and charismatic leadership despite his great riches. In addition, he has committed a large amount of his wealth to charitable causes supporting community development, education, and health care projects. Pattison is a revered person in Canadian corporate circles since his narrative is evidence of the strength of diligence and strategic diversification.

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2. David Cheriton -$15 Billion

Canadian millionaire David Cheriton is a computer scientist. 1951 saw his birthplace, Vancouver. The University of British Columbia awarded his undergraduate degree; the University of Waterloo granted his PhD in computer science. He has been a lecturer at Stanford University since the early 1980s, guiding numerous accomplished Silicon Valley businesses. Cheriton started his road to great riches with a $100,000 Google investment in 1998, a choice that has turned out to be worth billions. He also co-founded the 2014 public high-performance networking firm Arista Networks. This greatly added to his income. Outside these projects, Cheriton co-founded Granite Systems and Kealia Inc., which Sun Microsystems bought. Later on it was sold to Cisco systems. Renowned for his frugal attitude to wealth management, he lives simply despite his great fortune. He has given millions to research projects and educational organizations, mostly at Stanford University.

1. David Thomson -$71.1 Billion

Thomson’s approach to wealth and business shows a fusion of modern investment strategy with conventional media impact. 1957 born David Thomson, the third Baron Thomson of Fleet, is a well-known media magnate from Canada. His father, Kenneth Thomson, turned the Thomson Corporation into a worldwide information powerhouse, so passing on much of his fortune. Having studied fine arts, Thomson values art and culture greatly and typically stays out of the spotlight despite his great impact. Having combined with Reuters in 2008, the family company—now Thomson Reuters—is a top supplier of news and information for professional markets. Beyond the media, Thomson owns real estate, including some of Toronto’s most famous structures.

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