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Top 10 Most-liked YouTube Videos In The World (2024 Update)

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The site indicates view counts of each uploaded video, making it possible to keep track of the most viewed, many of which continue to exist while others are no longer available on the site.

Without a doubt, the greatest platform for seeing what global producers have to offer is YouTube. Every day, users from all around the world browse through uncensored vlogs, official music videos, trailers, travel and beauty content, and social experiment footage. As a result, the platform makes billions of dollars. Numerous videos of this type have broken records and taken the top ranks with the highest number of likes. Given their enormous popularity, we’re confident you’ve seen some of them at least once, but if not, we’ve got you covered.

List Of Top 10 Most-liked YouTube Videos In The World

1. Despacito – 53 Million Likes

We were all singing along to Despacito in a foreign tongue, demonstrating how music knows no boundaries. In addition to having the most likes on YouTube, Luis Fonsi’s music video for “Despacito” is also one of the most watched videos on the site. You are taken to your ideal holiday by the video. On the gorgeous island of Puerto Rico, model Zuleyka Rivera grooves with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Since 1996, this Spanish song has been the first to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The remixed version of the song by Justin Bieber increased its popularity. Still a popular favorite, though, is the Spanish original.

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2. ‘Would you fly to Paris for a Baguette’ by Mr Beast – 47 Million Likes

Imagine flying to Paris, paying for all of your expenses, just to buy a baguette for a complete stranger. Sounds strange, don’t you think? That’s precisely what Mr. Beast, the YouTube star, accomplished in his viral video. The man happily accepted Mr. Beast’s $300 offer to travel to the French city and purchase the bread. In order to finish the challenge, he receives more than $300 from the developer, and the video follows his journey across Paris. We’re sure that some of you are itching to see Mr. Beast now!

3. ‘See You Again’ by Wiz Khalifa, featuring Charlie Puth – 42.5 Million Likes

The song, written as a farewell to Paul Walker, beautifully captures the anguish of losing a loved one and the optimism of seeing them again in the afterlife. Wiz Khalifa was approached to provide rap verses, which added so much complexity, even though Charlie Puth was the original curator. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s thrilling and enjoyable friendship is depicted in the video and poignant lyrics. The song emphasizes that the late actor is in heaven and that his family is waiting for them to reunite, despite the intense sadness. Many of us become emotional every time we watch the parting moment at the end, where Paul and Vin say their goodbyes.

4. ‘Baby Shark Dance’ by Pinkfong – 42.1 Million Likes

On YouTube, the song continues to earn millions of views and likes thanks to billions of views. We’re sure you’ve danced at some time to the most-viewed tune on the site, a viral kids song selected by Pinkfong, a South Korean company. According to data quoted in a 2022 Forbes piece, BonusInsider’s developers make $283,000 a month from the extra views it receives. That’s $9,400 every day! In the video, adorable little children sing about a family of sharks that is ready to go hunting over an animated underwater backdrop. It became the most viral sensation when its “doo doo doo doo” beats appealed to people of all ages worldwide.

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5. ‘Our MOST INTENSE Balloon Popping Race’ by How Ridiculous – 39 Million Likes

It’s not surprise that this balloon-popping racing video received so many likes on YouTube! The entertaining race video with balloon popping also became popular on TikTok. It appears to be entertaining as two people rush to pop balloons in the video.

6. ‘If Cleaning Was a Timed Sport. Part 2’, by Daniel LaBelle – 38 Million Likes

In the video, Daniel LaBelle is shown quickly organizing and cleaning his whole apartment, giving the impression that he is competing in a timed event. For one brief moment during the 36-second video, you won’t even blink. We wouldn’t have enough time for Netflix if we could only pull off this feat.

7. ‘Dynamite’ by BTS – 37 Million Likes

The boy band BTS from South Korea has an unparalleled fan base, which contributes to the songs’ ground-breaking appeal. One such song that went viral was “Dynamite,” which was the group’s first entirely recorded English song. Dynamite is a “feel good” song that was released during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is full of optimism, vigor, and hope. The theme of the song is discovering happiness and gratitude in the small things that add value to life. Take note of the pop allusions scattered throughout the song, as well as the boys’ homages to their favorite artists, which range from Rolling Stones and King Kong to Michael Jackson and LeBron James.

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8. ‘OMG Best Teacher’ by Dednahype – 35.4 Million Likes

In case you missed it, Dednahype is an extremely stylish Latvian TikToker and YouTuber who enjoys comedy and drama sketches. Online, there are numerous vlogs and TikTok videos highlighting his initiatives to help Latvia’s homeless population. In his birthplace, the musician has worked with several other viral celebrities, such as the Latvian sisters. The OMG Best Teacher video is framed against a backdrop of a school, telling a morality story in which the villains ultimately learn their lesson. One of the most popular non-musical YouTube videos, the intriguing plot attracted a lot of viewers.

9. ‘Giving iPhones Instead Of Candy on Halloween’ by MrBeast – 33 Million Likes

Mr. Beast is spotted giving out iPhones to kids on Halloween, in yet another act of kindness. Not only do some children receive items, but some also receive Play Stations, AirPods, and financial gifts. All we can conclude is that it makes economical sense to live close to Mr. Beast.

10. ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran – 32.4 Million Likes

Even though Ed Sheeran has a lot of well-known songs to his name, Shape of You is without a doubt his most well-known composition. Not only did the song stay in the Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 for 33 weeks in 2017, but it also became the most streamed song of the previous ten years. The film shows Ed Sheeran, a young boxer, and more seasoned athlete Jennie Pegouske’s developing romance, as well as how she eventually leaves him. The singer starts to practice hard in the second half and encounters a massive sumo wrestler, which makes for an unusual scene. Her love interest appears out of nowhere and gives the sumo wrestler a punch as Sheeran loses in the ring. Sheeran couldn’t help but be drawn to the girl, who is actually his disguised hero.

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