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The Most Handsome Man In The World 2021 (Global Poll)

top 10 most handsome man in the world
Nubia Magazine presents to you the final list you have all been expecting, it is the top 10 most handsome men in the world 2021, Our magazine asked people from all over the world to submit their nominations this year, and we curated and selected the final nominees for the global annual NUBIA AWARDS AND CERTIFICATIONS, a nominees list of 20 with the top 10 to be selected by the votes of you the people, you will be able to select the top 10 most attractive men in the world 2021. This list was mostly judged based on how pretty the nominees are facially and how sexy they look generally. Looking for the sexiest men in the world? Well, we present to you the best list you can find on the Internet.

Who Is The Most Handsome Man In The World 2021?

The officially certified World’s Most Handsome Man Of 2021 is South Korean singer Kim Tae-hyung.

Official List Of The Most Handsome Men In The World 2021:

1. Kim Taehyung

2. Xiao Zhan

3. Regé-Jean Page

4. Jeon Jungkook

5. Can Yaman

6. Henry Cavill

7. Theo James

8. Kendrick Sampson

9. Harry Styles

10. Jason Momoa

This poll has ended (since 3 months).


Kim Taehyung
Xiao Zhan
Regé-Jean Page
Can Yaman
Henry Cavill
Theo James
Kendrick Sampson
Harry Styles
Jason Momoa
Keith Powers
Zayn Malik
Omar Borkan Al Gala
Chris Evans
Robert Pattinson
Tiger Shroff
Liam Hemsworth
Dylan O’Brien
Lance Gross



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  1. V/ Taehyung was given the top spot for the Fashion Face Awards 2018 by I-MAGAZINE, which is a popular luxury-fashion magazine based internationally. (The list was selected by 350 professionals in the field of fashion and art from more than 30 countries. The criteria for the selection was based perfectly symmetrical facial ratio analysis, smart face recognition, unique ability to express charms with face and the potential to absorb different styles and concepts.)

  2. Taehyung looks like a real life version of Anime and has such an unrealistic sculptural appearance more of a painting ; he is also highly praised by plastic surgeons for having a perfect symmetrical face with elements like beautiful big eyes , shiny cheeks and sharp nose , which can’t be replicated with surgery.

    Once a Brazilian plastic surgeon talked about Taehyung’s visuals in a news segment as he analyzed his beautiful face, his traces, his bone structure and SCIENTIFICALLY proved just that he has a PERFECT & SYMMETRICAL face.

    • I have never supported anyone outside my family like I do Kim Taehyung. I found BTS after I heard Dynamite and the one who caught my attention was Taehyung. He is a beautiful person inside which radiates to the outside in those top tier visuals he has. He is genuine and true to himself. His voice and the music he makes and the way he shows the the melody through his dance, his gestures and expressions…I cannot take my eyes off of him. Most importantly is how humble and supportive he is and his love and devotion to his family. His kindness, pureness just exudes off of him in this aura of goodness. Borahae ????

  3. Repitetelo 1 billón a la n potencia para que te lo puedas creer eso. Jajajajaja….
    Así te duela Kim Taehyung es un hombre completo, él es lo que nuestra imaginación nos permite creerlo y él nos lo ha demostrado muchas veces a todos sus fans que vivimos adorandolo siempre, él es muy sexy, sensual , sexual, agresivo, dócil adorable, hermoso bondadoso cariñoso, etc, etc, etc.
    Lo siento pero esa es la pura verdad y si no te gusta y tienes otras preferencias de hombres hermosos se te respeta pero no vengas a decir que Taehyung no es sexy, cuando por sus poros se respira mucha sensualidad .

  4. Kim Taehyung is the only male artist out there that can manage to be sexy without showing a piece of skin or abs and that’s a fact. He is fashionable, handsome, and trendy all which contribute to being sexy. The main reason why he is so handsome and sexy is his sweet and admirable personality. Having good manners is probably the sexiest thing a male could ever have. His songs are full of sweet and romantic lyrics. Lastly, he has one of the sexiest voices out there and it is evident in his songs like “Singularity” which he manages to be desirbale and alluring all while showing no skin, and this has left an impact even after 3 years of release.

  5. Just a reminder Kim Taehyung was titled the sexiest man in the world in 2019, the most handsome man in the world in 2017-current by a variety of different sites and polls that I’ve lost count of them, also the first-ever Asian Korean male to be titled the most handsome man in the world, and he’s won #1 Asian heartthrob in 2020. He was also put in the Hall of Fame cause of dominating every single year. He is BOTH handsome and sexy.

  6. Dicen que la belleza es subjetiva, y está en los ojos de quién es el observador, sin embargo es innegable para todos que Kim taehyung, es realmente un hombre hermoso, la encuesta es para premiar al mas ” guapo” y el cumple totalmente con los requisitos!! No sean mezquinos al decir que no es guapo o sexy, su sensualidad es elegante, sutil, misteriosa, No necesita mostrarse desnudo para ganar admiradores, y eso lo hace tan seductor.. un 10 y ???? a Kim taehyung, el es el standar…

  7. Ok I respect your opinion but just adding his charisma, elegance in his clothes, and a wide degree of expressiveness in his movements and face when he is on stage is one of the things that makes him sexy and handsome.

    #V #뷔 ブイ 방탄소년단 뷔 #방탄소년단뷔 #BTSV #KimTaehyung

  8. Hi, look it’s about personal taste, I find your favorite sexy, but for me he’s not cute and he doesn’t even act well, I’m a fan of julia quinn and he shouldn’t even be SIMON, but as I say, tastes are tastes and not because I think that, I’m going to belittle or comment stupid things about him if I don’t like him and I don’t think he should be on the list. Considering that KIM TAEHYUNG was voted in 2017 as the most beautiful man in the world both in voting and by judges and he is still the most beautiful and cute in ASIA the vote is for the most beautiful and sexy , and Tae meets all that requirement personally , just as you think he doesn’t ! we do , so what’s your problem ?

  9. Real sexiness does not define by body type and amount of skin shown. It is the confidence and how someone present themselves that makes them sexy. It’s archaic to think that people who show skin and have the society’s ideal body type can only be considered sexy. Anyone can be sexy. If the fans think he’s sexy and voted him then what’s wrong? This is a poll right?

  10. Hello, when the poll ends would it be possible to see the results of what countries voted? I know some polls in the past have shown the countries that voted for the nominees. For example, 10,000 votes came from SK, 7,000 came from Mexico, 5,000 came from USA, etc. I think this information would also be nice to know at the end. Especially cause it is a worldwide award, it’s good to know what different countries participated in the voting. If your website tracks this info it would be nice, but if not it’s fine.

    • Hey @kimtae finally got a feedback from admin, I am sorry to disappoint you but our polling engine is not designed to count votes from each country. But I was told we could calculate the total number of visitors from each country that visited this page and so far I think we have had a whole lot of visitors from almost any relevant country on the map. We will try to reveal the top countries with the most visits on this page. Thanks

  11. relax? first if the comments I read are derogatory and rude why TT goes first, why should I relax, I mean if who you like is sexy and cute according to you why would you need to put down others or others? why don’t you just vote and leave? it’s simple if the people who vote here are just rude fucks I’m not going to relax.