Top 10 Best International High Schools In The World (2024)

Modern teaching resources and a supportive learning atmosphere are essential components of a quality school. Students are only able to learn efficiently in a calm, comfortable setting. Offering extracurricular activities to its pupils is another sign of a quality school. These activities include athletics, school clubs, skill development, etc. All work and no play, after all, makes Jack a boring boy. Finally, and perhaps most crucially, pupils in a respectable public school ought to score remarkably high on standardized tests. Any amount of infrastructure, no matter how good, won’t matter if the pupils don’t succeed academically. To be considered an excellent institution, a school needs to have each of these qualities. It must outperform the majority of other schools in all or most of these areas in order to rank among the best in the world.

List Of Top 10 Best International High Schools In The World 2024

10. Leysin American School (Switzerland)

American School in Leysin In Leysin, Vaud, Switzerland, there is a private high school called American School. In 1960, Fred and Sigrid Ott established the co educational school. The school has about 340 kids enrolled. With only grades 7–12, the school serves primarily as a prep school for pupils looking to get into universities. It raises these pupils to realize their full potential and prepares them for future difficulties. The school offers diploma, AP, and Baccalaureate programs for students to pursue. There are almost 7,000 accomplished former pupils and a 1:8 student-to-teacher ratio. Leyson American School offers an abundance of extracurricular programs as well.

9. St. George’s College (Zimbabwe)

This private Jesuit and Roman Catholic school accepts both day students and boarders. St. George’s College, Harare, regarded as one of Zimbabwe’s top schools, comes next on the list. The school was founded 126 years ago by Fr. Mark Barthelemy SJ, making it one of the oldest in the nation. The school includes about eight hundred kids and equally trained teachers. Students at this co educational school come from various racial and national backgrounds. St. George College follows the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) syllabus while instructing pupils. To enter Form One, prospective students must pass an entrance exam. To get into the Lower Sixth Form, they must also have received outstanding O’Level results. Many notable people have come from the institution, including Edward Acton, the current vice-chancellor of the University of East Anglia, and Dennis Pavlich, a well-known legal professor.

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8. Grey College (South Africa)

Another South African school located in Bloemfontein, the country’s judicial center, is called Grey College. One of the oldest schools in Africa, it was established in 1855 by Sir George Grey and is taught in Afrikaans. The school has more than 1,200 students enrolled and is exclusively for boys. Students receive instruction in both Afrikaans and English. On the other hand, students are taught both languages in different classrooms. It is proud of illustrious alumni who have made significant contributions to the advancement of society. Laurens van der Post, a senior officer of the British Government, is one of these alumni. Moreover, renowned Olympian and world champion Ryk Neethling attended this school.

7. International School Of Kenya (Kenya)

Nairobi, Kenya is home to the private International School of Kenya. The governments of the US and Kenya founded it in 1976. The school offers classes for students in prekindergarten to grade 12. Currently, over a thousand students from more than 65 countries attend the institution. Its 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio is respectable. With an IB exam success record of over 98%, the school is unquestionably among the top in the world for high schools. Its qualified instructors influence students’ moral and intellectual development. To further enhance pupils’ cognitive capacities, the school offers a plethora of extracurricular activities.

6. St. John’s College (South Africa)

Another prestigious African high school in Johannesburg, South Africa, is St. John’s College. It was founded by Rev. Joh Darragh in 1898. The college is a Christian institution for guys only. Because of the caliber of its education, the achievements of its graduates, and the school’s reputation, Africa Almanac named St. John’s College as one of the top universities in Africa in 2003. The Bridge Nursery, Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory, College, and Sixth Form schools are located in St. John’s College. It has more than 100 staff members and about 1,400 pupils. The 2014 John’s College class passed their matriculation exams with a perfect score of 100 percent. The school states that it employs the best practices to impart academic information to pupils, as well as the Anglican Church’s traditions to instill good morals and values. The school offers facilities to handle 14 sports and sports are prominent there.

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5. Academic Magnet High School (USA)

1988 saw the founding of AMHS. Situated in North Charleston, South Carolina, it’s regarded as one of the top universities in the nation. Because of its high admissions requirements, the institution enrolls some of the best students in the nation. Students are admitted based on their GPA, writing samples, instructor recommendations, and results on standardized tests. The school will only admit students who achieve satisfactory results on the numerous tests. These pupils are about to start their educational journey with the goal of achieving both moral and academic excellence. The student-to-teacher ratio at the school is currently 17:1, with approximately 700 children enrolled, according to US News. It is one of the top five US universities.

4. The Davidson Academy of Nevada (USA)

A public coeducational school in Nevada is called the Davidson Academy. It was founded in 2006 and is situated in Nevada. The school’s mission is to give exceptionally talented children a supportive environment in which they can thrive and forge strong bonds with their classmates. Pupils have the choice of visiting the institution’s public school in Reno, Nevada, or learning online. The Davidson Academy only admits students based on merit. There are roughly 250 pupils enrolled in the school, roughly equal numbers of males and girls. It has a long list of honors and achievements. It was recently rated by Niche as the top public middle school in the US, with some of the greatest teachers in the nation.

3. School of Advances Studies (USA)

Within the Miami-Dade County Public Schools district lies the public school known as the School of Advanced Studies. Founded in 1988, it was recognized as Florida’s best high school and among the best in the country by US News and World Reports. Because of its high caliber of instruction, the institution is renowned for its intellectual brilliance. Entrance to the school is restricted to grade 11 pupils only. At Miami Dade College, they will complete their eleventh and twelfth grades before pursuing a two-year Associate in Arts degree.

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2. Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology (USA)

In 1985, Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology was established as a Virginia State Magnet school. It is run by Fairfax County Public Schools. The school is located in the former Thomas Jefferson High School building in Alexandria, USA. With an 18.16 student-to-teacher ratio, the school is home to almost 2,000 students who are enrolled in several technological divisions. There are students from all over the world enrolled there, with Asians making up the majority. Distinguished Alums of the Thomas Jefferson School include Yohannes Abraham, a US government official, and Chris Avellone, a game designer.

1. Westminster School (UK)

Among the world’s oldest high schools is Westminster School. Although it was first established in the 14th century, it was refounded in 1560. It follows that its ranking as one of the greatest is not surprising. Westminster School is open to both genders. Boys are admitted to the junior levels from age seven, and the senior school at age thirteen. However, before the school will admit them, girls wishing to enter the sixth form must wait until they are sixteen. An internal exam and interview are required to gain entry into Westminster’s junior level. The ISEB Common Entrance Exam is required of 13-year-olds in order for them to be admitted to the Great Entry School. If a student’s GCSE results are satisfactory, they must undergo tests and interview in order to be admitted to the Great School at the age of sixteen. There are 106 teachers and more than 700 pupils at the school. Its pupils are well known for taking home prizes from the world’s most prestigious academic contests. Prestigious former pupils who have made important contributions to the UK’s growth have come from it.

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