Top 10 Best Hospitality Schools In The World (2024 Update)

The world’s top hospitality schools continue to be essential in the context of a global economy because of their emphasis on offering exceptional guest experiences and high-quality service. People who want to work in hotels and other hospitality-related fields are actively looking for educational opportunities that will equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully manage complex operational procedures and exceed customer expectations.

The tourist and hospitality sectors have grown significantly in the last ten years. The demand for creative higher education programs that advance the hospitality industry and provide curricula that best serve hospitality students is rising along with the demand. The hospitality sector and its academics have had to adjust as technology makes travel easier and more affordable while also enabling the world to become even more linked. Several of the universities that made our list have responded to these shifts in the hospitality industry by creating global internship programs, implementing new sustainability curricula, and broadening the scope of their courses to include topics beyond the typical hotel, resort, and restaurant offerings, such as festivals, travel, and sports. Because of this, a lot of these institutions serve as important hubs for hiring for numerous hospitality firms.

List Of Top 10 Best Hospitality Schools In The World 2024

1. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

In Hong Kong, there is a public institution called the Hong Kong Polytechnic institution. The institution, also referred to as PolyU, was established in 1937 and attained full university status in 1994. With a global network of over 440 institutions spread over 47 countries, PolyU is a real international university. With more than 32,000 students enrolled, PolyU offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs to allow students to pursue their interests. Therefore, PolyU is the biggest state-funded university in the country. In addition to having many resources available to students, such as international connections, Poly U consistently ranks among the top universities in the world, as do many of its individual schools. The School of Hotel and Tourism Management is one such institution. Six bachelor’s, four master’s, and two doctorate degrees are among the several degree options offered by PolyU’s School of Hotel and Tourism Management. The degree programs offered include Hotel and Tourism Management, Global Hospitality Business, and International Hospitality Management. In addition to developing curriculum that is grounded in industry practice, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management has won numerous international awards. These include the McCool Breakthrough Award from the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education in 2012, the 2002 International Society of Travel and Tourism Educators Institutional Achievement Award, and a consistent ranking in the top 5 by international organizations that promote tourism and higher education. The school’s commitment to research is a major factor in its standing as a top global destination for hospitality management education. Examples of this commitment include the publication of four scholarly journals, the establishment of Hotel ICON—the school’s own hotel where faculty and students can gain practical experience and conduct research—and the creation and hosting of six international forums on tourism and hospitality.

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2. Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Switzerland’s Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne is a school for hospitality management. The late 19th-century tourism boom in Switzerland led to the founding of EHL in 1893, making it the world’s first and oldest hotel school. Because of its lengthy history, EHL is better able to predict the future direction of their industry and to comprehend the changes that have occurred within the hospitality sector. Currently, EHL is frequently considered as one of the top hospitality programs worldwide. More than 2,890 students from more than 119 nations attend the institution. Students at EHL can be certain that they will receive individualized instruction from leading academics in the area because of the school’s small size and emphasis on hospitality management. At multiple educational levels, EHL offers five programs to prepare its pupils. Bachelor’s degrees in International Hospitality Management, Global Hospitality Business, MBAs in Hospitality, Executive MBAs in Hospitality Administration, and Master’s degrees in Culinary Arts are also available to students. One reason for EHL’s success is their creative curriculum. Undergraduate and graduate students participate in industry immersion programs in the hospitality sector. For example, prior to beginning their official studies, bachelor’s students participate in a preparatory program that involves job experience across operational responsibilities and culminates in a six-month internship.

3. Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

A private hospitality school in Switzerland is called Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, or Les Roches Global Hospitality Education. Being the first hospitality school in Switzerland, it is a perfect place for international education because it offers all of its courses in English. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees in hospitality management in global contexts. International internships and study abroad opportunities are frequently included in the degree program. Les Roches, which has 2,700 students, provides each student with customized learning opportunities in addition to curriculum that has been proven in the field. Les Roches is a university that provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in hotel management with an emphasis on the global hospitality sector. An MBA in Global Hospitality Management is offered as part of Les Roches’ hospitality management program. The curriculum includes two industry immersion excursions to Chicago and Shanghai to interact with professionals in the hospitality business. It is intended to be completed over the course of a year.

4. The University of Queensland

Located in Queensland, Australia, the University of Queensland is a research university. UQ is one of Australia’s oldest universities, having been founded in 1909. One of the top universities in the world, UQ has more than 100 research institutions and centers, two Nobel laureates, and well-known figures in business, acting, and performing. In reality, according to numerous worldwide rankings, UQ routinely ranks among the top 100 universities in the world and among the top five in Australia. UQ guarantees that every one of its 51,000 students receives an education of the greatest caliber because to the combination of its well acclaimed reputation and the highly known research output of its professors. International recognition is one of UQ’s many accolades for its Business School. In addition to graduate certificates and doctorates, the institution grants bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Business management, commerce, global management, finance, economics, international hotel & tourist management, and tourism leadership are among the subjects offered to students.

5. The University of Surrey

In 1966, the University of Surrey was established. The University of Surrey is a public research university with a reputation for excellence in science, engineering, medicine, and business. It is situated in Guildford, Surrey, in southeast England. With 15,000 enrolled, the institution is able to provide a wide range of opportunities for its students. Combined with a grad employment rate of 96.9%, students can be confident they are getting a top-notch education that is valued by companies and recruiters globally. The University of Surrey is recognized for its excellence in research and education with numerous Queen’s Anniversary Prizes, field-specific prizes, and nearly forty faculty and staff fellows of royal academies in their fields. It is also ranked among the top universities in the world by numerous international ranking systems. The Hotel and Tourism Management School is one of the University of Surrey’s many exceptional departments. According to worldwide university rankings, the school is consistently ranked in the top five. The creative ways the school uses to teach a hospitality management account for a large portion of its success. In addition to professional certificates in social media and hotel revenue management, students can pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in fields like international hospitality management, air transport management, and international events management.

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6. Cornell University

Upstate New York’s Cornell University is a private, Ivy League research institution that was founded in 1865. 34 Marshall Scholars, 29 Rhodes Scholars, 29 Truman Scholars, 7 Gates Scholars, and 46 Nobel laureates are among Cornell’s academic and student graduates today. With 14 schools offering degrees in a variety of subjects, Cornell’s roughly 22,000 students may be certain of receiving instruction from some of the top academics in their disciplines. Consistent top 30 rankings in national and international ranking systems attest to this caliber; several of Cornell’s particular programs are among the top 30 in the world. The SC Johnson College of Business’ Hotel School is one of Cornell’s globally renowned institutions. Three graduate degrees in hotel administration, real estate, and hospitality management are available at the Hotel School in addition to a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration. In order to finish their undergraduate degrees, students must accrue practice credit by working in the hotel business for a certain number of hours.

7. The Nanyang Technological University

Located in Singapore, Nanyang Technological institution, also known as NTU, is a comprehensive research institution. Consistently recognized as one of the top universities in Asia, NTU is among the best universities in the world. With eight colleges and schools and more than 33,000 students, NTU offers a wide range of possibilities to its students. In addition to the school’s widespread recognition, pupils may be certain that they are getting a top-notch education. NTU is home to multiple research institutes in the areas of business, engineering, international studies, and education in addition to its individual schools. The Nanyang Business School is one of NTU’s internationally renowned academic institutions. With more than 160 academics representing more than 20 nations and more than 30 languages, NBS is one of the biggest business schools in the world. This implies that NBS students are receiving one of the greatest business educations available, in addition to being instructed by a varied staff with a wealth of life experience. NBS provides leadership development courses, such as a Management Development Programme in Asian Hospitality, and a number of degrees tailored for the hospitality sector, such as an Executive MBA in Hospitality Management. Students in these programs participate in multiple immersion programs with American industry experts and complete consulting assignments related to the hotel business.

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8. University of Nevada-Las Vegas

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas is a public research university located in Las Vegas that was established in 1957. The university is home to the sole law and dentistry schools in the state and is widely regarded as a research-intensive university. UNLV, which has about 30,000 students enrolled, has a broad range of academic programs for them to choose from. Being a research-heavy university, UNLV offers a wealth of tools that students can utilize to reach their professional objectives. UNLV offers more than 200 online courses for undergraduates and graduates, as well as twelve degree programs that are entirely online, out of its more than 350 degree programs. The William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, one of UNLV’s most well-known institutions, is frequently named as having one of the best hospitality programs in the country, partly because of its close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip. Students studying hospitality can choose to focus on casino management, restaurant management, meeting and events management, or PGA golf management, or they can choose to take a generalist approach to their studies. Students benefit from being housed in one of the global hubs for hospitality, but they also get to learn from academics that conduct research on a wide range of subjects that further the hospitality industry, such as booking trends, hospitality in healthcare, and loyalty programs.

9. Monash University

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Monash institution is a public research institution. With 11 campuses and academies, Monash University was established in 1958 and currently enrolls close to 74,000 students. Students at a university that large have a lot of options to consider. Students can also be certain they are getting a top-notch education because Monash often ranks among the top 100 universities in the world. The commitment of faculty members to conduct research is a contributing factor to that quality. More than 120 research centers and institutes are housed inside Monash University, and the university’s faculty produces more than 3,000 research articles annually. Offering two master’s degrees in tourism or worldwide sustainable tourism management, Monash University’s Graduate Tourism Program is one of its top offerings. Australia’s oldest graduate tourism program with an industry focus is the Master of Tourism. The fundamental hospitality courses taken by students in the Master of Tourism program are also taken by those enrolled in the International Sustainable Tourism Management degree; however, additional courses focused on sustainability in developed and developing nations are offered.

10. University of Florida

Located in Gainesville, Florida, the University of Florida, commonly referred to as Florida, is a public research university. Originally called the East Florida Seminary when it was founded in 1853, the University of Florida moved to its current site in 1866 and changed its name to its current one in 1909. Florida offers many degree possibilities through its 16 academic schools and more than 150 research centers and institutes, serving over 55,000 students. Florida is one of the top 10 public institutions in the US and has always been acknowledged as a leader in education. A large portion of Florida’s prominence stems from the research output of its graduate students and staff; for example, the state ranks seventh among all private and public colleges in the country for the total number of patents given. Florida’s Department of Tourism, Recreation & Sport Management is one of its worldwide renowned initiatives. The department’s instructors and students research how the hospitality sector affects resource infrastructure as well as leisure pursuits, professional and amateur sports, and ecotourism.

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