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New & Top 10 Nigerian Afrobeats Songs 2024 Released In March (Best Hits)

D RHOCK & Moesnap

Nubia Magazine has taken time to curate for you, our dear readers, the best Nigerian songs released in March 2024, Below you will find new Afrobeats songs released for this week and month. The below songs were picked based on how good they sound and how popular and trendy they are right now, so if you are looking for something fresh and cool to listen to you will find the top Nigerian songs 2024 of March right here in this article, so lets go!

List Of The Best Nigerian Songs 2024 March Top 10 Afrobeats Hits:

Ayra Star – Commas

Afrobeats star Ayra Starr is back with a brand new single, “Commas”! Released in February 2024, it’s the first taste of new music from her this year. The song is a declaration of confidence and a celebration of success, with Ayra using “commas” as a metaphor for achieving financial goals.

Ruger ft. Bnxn – Romeo Must Die

Ruger isn’t going solo this time! He’s teamed up with fellow Nigerian artist Bnxn for a brand new single, “Romeo Must Die (RMD),” which dropped in 2024. The song’s a high-energy Afrobeats track with both singers boasting about their success and resilience. “RMD” might stand for “Romeo Must Die” but it seems more like a celebration than a threat.

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D RHOCK – Yodi ft. Moesnap

D RHOCK’s 2024 Afrobeats hit “YODI” featuring Moesnap is a high-energy celebration of love and desire. This infectious track blends traditional African rhythms with contemporary pop, showcasing D RHOCK’s signature fusion sound. His silky vocals glide over pulsating beats, delivering emotive lyrics that switch between English and his native tongue. Moesnap’s featured verse adds an extra burst of energy. At its core, “YODI” is an ode to finding that special connection, inviting listeners to join in the euphoria through vivid lyricism and irresistible hooks. With pop and traditional African elements, from drums to electronic flourishes, “YODI” is a cultural masterclass that solidifies D RHOCK as an Afrobeats force. Certainly one of the best Naija Amapiano songs released this year

Grime king Skepta joins forces with rising Afrobeats star Portable on the new single “Tony Montana.” This banger fuses Skepta’s grime energy with Portable’s infectious Afrobeat sound. Taking its title from the Scarface character, the song hints at themes of hustling, success, and maybe even a touch of Scarface-esque swagger.

Odumodu just released a hot new single, “100 Million,” featuring the queen of Afrobeats herself, Tiwa Savage! This fresh track from March 2024 marks Odumodu’s first release since his acclaimed debut album’s deluxe edition. The song boasts Odumodu’s signature production style – lush soundscapes with a bouncy energy that perfectly sets the stage for both Odumodu and Tiwa to shine.

Afrobeats stars Khaid and Gyakie join forces on the melodic Afrobeats jam “Run Away.” Over a laid-back, percussion-driven beat, the two artists trade silky vocals brimming with youthful exuberance. The song finds them pondering escaping from the stresses of everyday life to pursue their dreams and ambitions wholeheartedly. Khaid’s buttery croons blend seamlessly with Gyakie’s sultry harmonies, creating an irresistibly catchy vibe. With its relatable lyrics about chasing freedom and an earworm hook, “Run Away” showcases the undeniable talent of this Ghanaian and Nigerian duo. Certainly one of the best Nigerian songs of 2024 right now

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D RHOCK – Choke Me

D RHOCK just unleashed a new track, “Choke Me,” on March 2nd, 2024! It’s part of his recently released project “Yodi & Choke Me.”

While details are scarce, “Choke Me” is likely a high-octane offering based on its title and genre (Nigerian Street Music/Afrobeats). It could be a song about pushing boundaries or an intense desire for something. The title “Choke Me” might be metaphorical or allude to a more raw and aggressive sound.

Victony – Everything

Nigerian singer-songwriter Victony delivers an infectious Afro-fusion banger with his latest single “Everything.” The up-tempo track blends elements of Afrobeats, amapiano, and pop for an irresistible groove. Over vibrant production, Victony’s smooth vocals shine as he croons about giving his partner his undivided attention and affection. With its catchy melodies, dance-ready rhythms, and Victony’s palpable enthusiasm, “Everything” is a feel-good anthem primed to be a summer smash hit. The song showcases Victony’s versatility and crossover appeal as he continues to make waves in the global Afrobeats scene.

Young Jonn – Big Big Things ft. Kizz Daniel

Fresh off the press in February 2024, Young Jonn teamed up with Kizz Daniel and Seyi Vibez for a celebratory anthem titled “Big Big Things.”

Backed by producer Yung Willis, the song is a confident declaration of success. Young Jonn and his collaborators boast about achieving their goals, using “big big things” as a metaphor for financial abundance and a luxurious lifestyle. With its energetic vibe, “Big Big Things” is sure to be a hit on Afrobeats playlists.

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Magnito links up with talented vocalist Venita for the youthful banger “Gen Z.” The energetic Afrobeats track captures the spirit and swagger of the current generation. Over a uptempo beat blending percussion with electronic flourishes, Magnito unleashes his melodic flow and infectious hooks. Venita’s smooth vocals provide the perfect contrast, complementing Magnito’s gritty verses with her silky melodies. Lyrically, “Gen Z” celebrates the ambition and confidence of today’s youth, not afraid to go against the grain. With its undeniable bounce and bold attitude, this collaboration is set to be an anthem for the rising Gen Z movement across Africa and beyond.


Bella Shmurda – Loner

Bella Shmurda just released a new introspective single titled “Loner” in March 2024. It’s the first track from his upcoming EP and features fellow Nigerian singer Lyta. While details are scarce, “Loner” is produced by Tuzi and seems like a more personal direction for Bella Shmurda, possibly reflecting on his growth as an artist and his preference for privacy.

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