5 Popular Casino Games With Dices

Dice games in casinos offer a range of options that combine elements of chance and skill. Games like Craps and Sic Bo provide players with different strategies to consider.

Chuck-A-Luck and Hazard have interesting historical backgrounds that enhance the gameplay experience, while Banca Francesa stands out for its suspenseful atmosphere and high-stakes betting opportunities.

The diverse world of casino dice games caters to various player preferences and skill levels.


Craps is a casino dice game with historical roots in Hazard and Crabes. Hazard, a dice game enjoyed in England since the 14th century, served as the foundation for the development of Craps over time. The game may have been introduced in New Orleans by Bernard Phillipe, although its origins remain somewhat mysterious.

Craps is known for offering favorable odds in casinos, attracting players with its fast-paced gameplay and diverse betting options. You can play Craps in both regular online casinos and crypto casinos, making it one of the most popular Bitcoin dice games right now. Whether players are new to gambling or seasoned veterans, the anticipation of rolling the dice and awaiting the outcome makes Craps a popular choice among casino enthusiasts globally. Its rich history and engaging mechanics continue to draw players to both traditional and online casino platforms. When visiting a casino, consider trying your hand at this classic dice game for a unique gaming experience.

Sic Bo

Originating in Asia, Sic Bo is a casino game played with three dice on a table. The name ‘Sic Bo’ translates to ‘dice pair’ in Chinese, reflecting its basis on dice outcomes.

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Introduced to the U.S. and Europe in the 1980s, Sic Bo offers players a range of betting options for an engaging experience. In Sic Bo, players wager on various combinations of dice outcomes, blending luck and strategic choices.

The game’s ancient Chinese origins contribute to its global popularity, appealing to players with its straightforward gameplay and excitement. With a history rooted in traditional gambling, Sic Bo continues to attract players looking for a dice game that’s both unique and entertaining in casinos.

If you enjoy games involving three dice, diverse betting opportunities, and a stimulating experience, Sic Bo could be a suitable choice for your next casino visit.




Chuck-A-Luck is a dice game that originated in Australia and involves players rolling dice in a chuck cage to place bets on various outcomes such as specific numbers or combinations. Similar to Crown and Anchor, Chuck-A-Luck utilizes dice numbered from 1 to 6, offering a straightforward gameplay experience. Originally a British military game during World War I, Chuck-A-Luck holds historical significance within the realm of dice games.

When participating in Chuck-A-Luck, players can strategically place bets on different potential outcomes, introducing an element of skill and anticipation to the game. Online casinos commonly feature Chuck-A-Luck due to its popularity and uncomplicated rules. The game features different payout ratios for the various types of bets available, allowing players to tailor their risk-taking preferences and potential rewards. Whether players prefer high-risk wagers or opt for more conservative choices, Chuck-A-Luck delivers a flexible betting environment that attracts players seeking entertainment and engaging gameplay.



Hazard is a dice game with historical roots that originated in England in the 14th century before spreading to France and the U.S. The game has Arabic origins dating back to the 12th or 13th century, adding a layer of historical intrigue to its gameplay.

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In Hazard, players engage in a competition where a shooter establishes a main point, and other players roll the dice to compete. The game has specific rules for both the shooter and the other participants, making it a unique experience in the realm of casino dice games. Its influence on modern Craps is notable, and Hazard is still found in some Western casinos, attracting players with its combination of chance and strategy.

For enthusiasts of dice games and casino gaming, Hazard offers a rich historical background and engaging gameplay worth exploring.

Banca Francesa

Banca Francesa is a dice game known for its unique gameplay mechanics and relatively high house edge, offering players a challenging experience within the world of casino games. In this game, players engage in online gambling by placing bets on various outcomes without physically interacting with the dice. The game takes place on a semicircular table where a dealer handles and rolls three dice, determining the results based on the players’ chosen bets, which could include options like Aces, Small, or Big.

Unlike some other dice games where players have more control over the rolling process, Banca Francesa introduces an element of suspense and excitement by entrusting the dice handling to the dealer. This feature adds a level of unpredictability to each round, enhancing the game’s reliance on chance. With a range of betting options available, from specific outcomes to combinations, players are required to strategize carefully to navigate the game’s characteristic high house edge. Banca Francesa offers a blend of luck and strategy for those interested in a dice game that challenges their skills within the casino gaming landscape.

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Casino Dice Games: Evolution through the Years

Historically, dice games like Craps and Hazard have roots that stretch back centuries, with Craps evolving from an old English game called Hazard, which itself may have Arabic origins. These games were traditionally played in physical settings, from back alleys to luxurious casinos, and have been a staple of gambling culture across the world.

As technology advanced, so did the platforms for these games. The introduction of online casinos brought classic dice games to the digital realm, allowing players to engage from the comfort of their homes.

The real game-changer, however, came with the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Bitcoin dice games emerged as a popular genre in the crypto gambling scene.

These games revolutionized the industry by offering a provably fair system where the integrity of each dice roll could be independently verified by players. This transparency was a significant departure from traditional online dice games, where players had to trust the platform to be fair


You’ve now explored five popular casino games with dice, each offering unique gameplay experiences and opportunities for excitement.

Whether you enjoy the favorable odds of Craps, the blend of luck and strategy in Sic Bo, the flexible betting options in Chuck-A-Luck, the historical roots of Hazard, or the suspense of Banca Francesa, there’s a dice game out there for every player to enjoy.

So roll the dice and see where luck takes you!

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