4 Strong Niche Ideas For Starting a YouTube Channel in 2023

Being a YouTuber is a dream job for so many of us. Who wouldn’t want to talk about the things they love for a living? While nobody is saying that starting a successful YouTube channel is easy, there are certain niches where it might be more straightforward than others, and growing areas in 2023 where opportunities might arise for more YouTube channels and personalities to make a success of their channels. 


Did you know that YouTube has over 2.1 billion monthly active users? Within all those viewers there is an opportunity for virtually anybody to carve out a successful channel and create content people will enjoy, but your content needs to be engaging and well-made, and certain niches definitely have a lot more appeal than others.

Casino Gaming

The gambling niche is moving incredibly quickly. There are already some really successful channels on YouTube covering subjects like poker and other casino games such as slot games. You might think that these niches would be saturated, but there are new technologies and new releases all the time, which can make for interesting YouTube videos. 


Often, the key is to get there first. This could mean offering reviews of some of the newest slot games or a list of casinos that are offering the latest technology such as live dealer games. Live casino games are one of the latest additions to the casino industry and they’re getting better all the time. You could even turn a specific casino game like blackjack into a specific sub-niche you cover on your channel to try and be more specific with the information you are providing. Games such as Ignition live blackjack allow you to connect with a live dealer and get the human interaction you would in a casino. 


This is just one example of ways you could incorporate current industry news into a YouTube channel, and show up in searches on the YouTube platform.


There are so many different people on the list of the richest and most successful YouTubers that are known for being very funny. So, if you are looking to start a YouTube channel and you’re known as a bit of a joker among your friends then it is possible that your humor might allow you to build up a following. 


It isn’t easy to do so, but if you manage to create the right funny video at the right moment, you may go viral and quickly gain acclaim and followers. Be aware though, a lot of the people who look like overnight successes on YouTube actually spent many years creating content before they reached any level of fame.

How-To Videos

How-to videos never go out of fashion. That is to say that people always need them. If you have a specific talent then this could be your chance to put it to use. A lot of people think that they don’t have the specific skills to teach other people, but that’s usually not true. There are YouTube channels in so many different niches including cleaning, car repairs, drawing, and more.


Whether your skill is a certain type of cooking and you want to make how-to videos in this niche, or you want to help people to build computers, how-to videos are often a good way to gain some attention. Lots of people are specifically looking for this kind of information, meaning that if you are able to create useful content you might get some hits and attention organically. 


Tech is another niche that many new YouTubers are going into, following in the footsteps of some of the successful YouTubers in this niche. A bit like the gaming and gambling niches, there is always something new in the world of technology meaning new products to review, events to cover, and tutorial videos to be made.


Technology is certainly a big niche, so if you are going to start a YouTube channel, it can be a good idea to choose a smaller sub-niche. Perhaps you want to make videos covering Android tablets and productivity apps, or maybe your tech interests are around wearable technology.


A lot of the products in the tech niche have a high ticket price and it is possible that this can also impact the potential to generate revenue. In buying niches the advertising rates when someone clicks through from one of your videos may be much higher than in other niches such as comedy. 

Conclusion: Your YouTube Niche – Anything You Are Passionate About

This is one of the brilliant things about the internet and the state of YouTube currently. It is easier than ever to connect with people who have the same interest as you. Even if you think your hobby is pretty small there may be the chance to create a huge YouTube channel. 


Let’s say that 0.1% of the active YouTube users would potentially be interested in your niche, that could still equate to millions of potential viewers, some of whom will keep coming back once you’ve established your channel. Make sure you are passionate about your niche as this will shine through when creating your videos.

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