Styling with Marigold: A Summer Fashion Guide

At last, summer feels as though it’s just around the corner, but this means our wardrobes are probably thirsty for new fits. Let us introduce you to marigold colour code (#FFC700) – a vibrant yellow capturing the summer’s joyous spirit. This attractive hue is a summer staple because of its versatility, adding a dash of personality and sunshine to any outfit. Whether you’re one for flowy dresses or statement accessories, marigold can lift your style this summer. Below, we take a close look at the wonderful world of marigold fashion, telling you how to integrate it into your wardrobe. 


The Allure of Marigold in Summer Fashion

Summer is sunshine, warmth, and blissful joy, which explains why the world is drawn to vibrant colours when building their wardrobes. Marigold is a catchy blend of yellow and orange that packs the essence of summer. 

From a psychological stance, yellow tones are known to evoke warmth, optimism, and happiness. Thanks to marigold’s vibrancy, this positivity is embodied in any statement piece or accessory of this colour. Think of a long marigold summer dress swaying in the breeze, or a marigold browse paired with white shorts. These are the types of combinations that leave us feeling cheerful and blissful. 

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Marigold’s summer appeal in fashion lies in its rich golden tones, possessing the depth to bring sophistication to basic yellow. This feature lets marigold feel both elegant and playful, depending on the silhouette and style of clothing. Historically, marigolds have been used in summer attire across countless cultures. For example, in India, vibrant marigold garlands were worn during festivals to symbolise good fortune and prosperity. 

Integrating marigold into your summer wardrobe shows off a personality that’s ready to fully embrace the joyful season. Whether you favour bold statement pieces or subtle colour pops, marigold can lift your wardrobe this summer through endless possibilities. 

Choosing the Perfect Shade of Marigold

Marigold isn’t a single colour, it’s a spectrum of yellows and oranges with varying tones and depths. It’s this diversity that allows you to find the perfect shade to complement your skin tone and personal preferences. Here are some popular marigold variations to consider:

  • Marigold gold. This rich shade (#FFD700) is a cheery hue that’s well-suited to people looking for sophistication. Marigold gold is great for tailored trousers, midi skirts, or statement blazer jackets. Without being too overwhelming, it brings a hint of personality and warmth. 
  • Sunshine yellow. This bright shade (#FFFF00) is great for making a bold statement. It works well for playful blouses, flowy dresses, or swimwear to add a vibrant burst of sunshine. 
  • Saffron yellow. This is a more delicate shade (#FBB034) that edges closer to orange with elements of red. Saffron yellow is a muted marigold lending itself to delicate accessories, blouses, and summer dresses. 
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When you’ve found a shade of marigold to suit your vibe, think about how it works with your skin tone. Cooler skin tones typically find sunshine yellow and marigold gold the most flattering, while warm skin tones are drawn in by saffron yellow. That being said, the only way to find out what works is a little experimenting, so take it old school and head out to the shops for a session of trying on summer outfits. 

Get Inspired to Build Your Marigold Fit

If you’re ready to lift your summer style with marigold, it’s time to get inspired. Imagine heading for a dinner date wearing a marigold blouse paired with crisp white denim, slay! Or perhaps you’re wearing a breezy summer dress for a day out at the beach. There are endless possibilities when it comes to marigolds, but let’s move on to completing the look. 

Completing the Marigold Look

If full marigold clothing is too much, consider accessorising with marigold to add pops of colour to neutral colours. For example, you can add a vibrant handbag, statement earrings, or a silk scarf to any outfit to draw attention anywhere you like. These finishing touches bring together your marigold look, just remember to have fun with it. 

Summer is the annual celebration of vibrant energy, warmth, and life. Capture this perfectly with a dash of marigold. Whether it’s long dresses dancing in the breeze or statement accessories adding an edge of playfulness, marigold has the power to express your personality and unique style. Given the broad spectrum of marigold including marigold gold and saffron yellow, you’ll have to experiment to find the shade most flattering for your skin tone. Remember, summer fashion is about feeling confident and having fun, now get out there and experience the joyous magic of marigold. 

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