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Jisoo Certified As The Most Beautiful Female K-pop Idol 2022 + (Top 10 Finalists)

Nubia Magazine’s global poll for the most beautiful female K-pop idol of 2022 came to an end on the 1st of July 2022. The poll was created to rank and certify the most pretty and attractive female idols in the K-pop music industry.

To rank and choose which female K-pop idol is the most beautiful, more than ten female idols were nominated and promoted to K-pop music fans globally.

Some of the featured nominees are Chou Tzuyu ((Twice), Kim Ji-soo (Black Pink), Lalisa Manoban (Black Pink), Irene (Red Velvet) TaeYeon (Girls Generation), and a number of other well-known and gorgeous female Kpop stars who are unquestionably loved and adored by the fans were among the nominees.

Kim Ji-soo also known as Jisoo (Blackpink) has been certified as the most handsome male. Kpop idol in 2022 based on collated votes of approval received from a total of 155 countries worldwide. Most of the votes came from countries like; Russia, Indonesia, Singapore, India and many more…



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