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  1. First Rule: You Can Post Or Publish Anything You Think People Will Find Interesting…


    Second Rule: Do Not Spam, Your Publication Will Be Removed If You Do




    Above you will see five different options from which you can choose from..


    The story option is meant for you to submit articles like editorials, opinions, listicles, news stories, and etcetera… Add a title, your writeup, ad image(s) you can embed links from Twitter, youtube, Instagram, Spotify and more. When you are done, select a suiting category for your post and add tags related to the topic tick the agree with terms box and publish.. your submission will be reviewed within the hour and you will be notified when you are published. Your submission may not be published if they are totally copied from other websites.


    This is meant for you to submit and share a whole bunch of photos about a certain topic. E.g. Say you went to a travel destination and you wanted to share the beautiful pictures with the world, or you want to post a collection of very funny memes, or maybe photos about fashion, beauty and etc.. you could use this posting option


    This is meant to share interesting content from other platforms, like a Facebook post, a youtube video, music playlist from Spotify and etc..


    If you are familiar with the idea of creating interesting quizzes, you use this option to create and share interesting and brain teaser quiz for fellow Nubians to participate.