(Message from the Nubia Magazine! Board)

It has been brought to our attention there is a lot of misconceptions in the Kpop community about our Nubia Magazine! (nubiapage.com) based in the UK, these misconceptions presume this publication is impersonating another Nubia Magazine (nubia.ltd.uk) based in the UK which is no longer active. And after carefully investigating the situation the board have decided to address these misconceptions.

What we noticed was these controversies started off Twitter based on the fact our then Twitter handle is included in the bio of the dissolved Nubia Magazine with the Twitter handle (@Nubiamagtweets) which does not belong to us but to the dissolved Nubia Magazine.

So let us clear the confusion:

Is Nubia Magazine! (nubiapage.com) related to (@nubiamagtweets) Nubia Magazine (dissolved magazine)? The answer is No, we are not related.

What differentiates us from the other dissolved magazine:

Nubia Magazine! (nubiapage.com) is a digital magazine headquartered in the United Kingdom, but the platform was created to run globally as an international Magazine focusing on modern culture globally. The platform was originally established in 2015 as an online magazine with the title; Planet Magazine, it was later dissolved in 2017, but in 2019 made a return with a new establishment by a group of three individuals from different continents and decided on a new theme and focus for the digital publication which was named (Nubia Magazine!) under the domain (nubiapage.com) which was set to run issues monthly and weekly. The website and structure were finalized in January 2020 when our first issue was published and has been active ever since, running publications on various topics globally.

The other Nubia Magazine was a print magazine launched in 2008 and it was dissolved in 2013 it was a magazine about people of colour and has nothing to do with our Nubia Magazine. We noticed there was another Nubia Magazine in the UK when we were trying to register our newly formed Nubia Magazine in 2019, we also noticed the Magazine stopped being active in 2013.

Our digital magazine is officially registered in the UK under the name Nubia Magazine! With our International Standard Serial Number (ISSN): 2752-7557

While the dissolved magazine was registered under the name Nubia Magazine with ISSN:1759-8788.

So, these are two different publications and we never for once stated we were affiliated with the dissolved magazine, even though the misconceptions say we were trying to impersonate them, well, I would like to say as tempting as impersonating a print magazine that was not popular and has been inactive for over 9 years sounds, we would never engage in such.

The confusion started because their Twitter handle points to our old Twitter handle which I must state we did not know. After our Nubia Magazine! was formed we changed our old magazine id to @nubiamagazine which we did not know was set on the profile of the dissolved magazine until the controversies started. The old Twitter handle @nubiamagazine was suspended by Twitter due to brand confusion and we have since set up a new Twitter handle for our publication @nubiamagazineuk to avoid any form of confusion henceforth.

Why does Nubia Magazine (Nubiapage.com) have little social media presence?

Nubia Magazine was established to be a global social community hence we didn’t feel the need to be on other social media platforms so as to promote the Global Netizens community we are trying to build with our platform, our old Twitter handle was never connected to our website for readers to follow, but in retrospect, the board has decided we establish a social presence on both Twitter and Instagram. Our official handle on both platforms is: @nubiamagazineuk

Why did we choose the name Nubia? Nubia is a place and civilization that existed a long time ago which was one of the earliest civilizations in the world. If you read our about page you should know. We will explain once again, Nubia Magazine focuses on Modern civilization and Global Culture and because of this, we decided to name it after an extinct civilization that is important to the world’s history, a lot of names were considered, like the Maya civilization, The Indus civilization and the Nubia civilization. A lot of things and brands are named after Nubia, like the Nubia Smartphones and more.



Is the Nubia Awards Fake?

No. The Nubia Awards is not fake. We must also state Nubia Magazine is not a “Kpop polling site”. As we represent and cover wider topics across the globe. We do have categories for K-pop in the Global Nubia Awards as it is a huge part of Global culture today.

The Global Nubia Awards is an annual recognition event launched by Nubia Magazine in 2021, meant to be a global virtual event with the award winners solely decided by global netizens votes. This year’s edition is meant to have 12 categories and next year’s categories will be up to 50 categories. This year’s edition was supposed to be hosted by our community members in New York but due to some changes, it will be pre-recorded and live-streamed on our website. Plaques will be shipped to the winners afterwards.READ MORE ABOUT NUBIA AWARDS HERE

Fake Award Trophies?

Between 2019 till this moment, we have hired several webmasters and web developers to help handle the technical standards we want for the platform, it is sad some of these web developers have not done the best job. One of these instances is the Nubia Awards gallery page we asked a webmaster to build,  who then tested the page with award trophy designs from google images, a test which was not meant to be seen by the public but it turns out the gallery was public the whole time which was misleading and for that we apologize. Our awards plaques are being manufactured and will be seen on the 14th of November after the award event.

King Of Kpop Award Controversy:

It was brought to our attention this category brought a lot of negative controversies and comments after the poll was launched as some believe it was meant to steal a title from a particular nominee? This is absolutely wrong. We don’t know much about the Kpop fandom and our intentions are not to favour anyone, this Award Event was created to celebrate and recognize the most impactful citizens of our planet every year. From Arts to Beauty, Fashion and Entertainment as a whole.

The category is not a permanent title for any winner but a title and award given to the nominee voted by K-pop fans across the globe as the best male K-pop act overall for the year. Any worthy nominee can win this title and award based on votes from fans every year. We have other categories with similar titles; like the King Of Football Award or the King Of Basketball Award etcetera.

When we noticed the negative comments this award category had caused, we ordered for all comments relating to arguments, abuse and insults to fans or nominees to be deleted and henceforth all Nubia Award polls comments must be clean and positive.

Another administrative decision we have made is that the Nubia Awards & Certification polls will no longer be run or moderated by our Lead Editors anymore to avoid confusion.

Our parent media company is based in the UK, and for Nubia Magazine, we have hired several editors and authors from various countries across the globe since our first issue in January 2020 as we do our best to get input from different people and cultures across the globe. We have also decided to disable the feature for people to submit posts on the website for now, instead, we will have contributors apply to join our authors’ list henceforth.

In conclusion, we have made the administrative decision to make details about this publication more available to the public. Including our office address, our ISSN which will be included at the top of our website, our social media and more, this information should be available on our about page and contact page.

Thanks for your time.


Signed by; Peace W.

(Board Chief)


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