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Nubia Awards 2021

=> THE GLOBAL NUBIA AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS: Is an annual global recognition event that was created based on the idea of credence and recognition by popular acclaim, for and by all impactful citizens of the world. The GNAs is a virtual event organised by Nubia Magazine, which is an organization that was created to showcase modern culture, to represent and celebrate the beautiful citizens & cultures of our planet.

Unlike most awards, the Global Nubia Awards and Certifications does not select winners based on secluded decisions, this particular recognition and credence is decided by the people all through and through, hence the popular acclaim theme.

=> We have different categories executed on a global and continental scale, we also have a few niche-based categories, cutting across Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty, Philosophy, and Modern culture in general.
In brief, this recognition is solely based on collated votes by Netizens from all over the world, making it a true recognition by acclamation of the people. Most of our categories are up to people from all over the world to participate and decide the right nominees and the winners at the end of the event.

=> The Global Nubia Awards & Certifications is split into two sectors: The Certifications and The Awards.

(The Nubia Global Certifications)

Is a process of declaring and certifying the best in the world when it comes to beauty based on votes and approvals by global citizens. Some of the popular categories in this sector include “The Most Handsome Man In The World”, “The Most Beautiful Woman In The World” titles and more. The certifications run every year from February To June.

(The Global Nubia Awards) GNAs.

The GNAs is an annual recognition event launched by Nubia Magazine in 2021, this sector was created to celebrate and recognize the best and most impactful citizens of our planet when it comes to Art, Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment and Modern Culture as a whole. This year’s edition is meant to have 12 categories and next year’s categories will be up to 50 categories. This year’s edition was supposed to be hosted by our community members in New York but due to some changes, it will be pre-recorded and live-streamed on our website. Plaques will be shipped to the winners afterwards. The date for 2021 GNAs is set as the 14th of November 2021, the award nominees and winners will be live-streamed on our website.

After our polls have been conducted and winners announced in the virtual event, Award Plaques or Certificates will be delivered to winners anywhere they are around the world.