For Global Culture!


=> THE NUBIA AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS: Is an annual global recognition event that was created based on the idea of credence and recognition by popular acclaim for and by all impactful citizens of the world. Nubia Magazine is an organization that was created to represent and celebrate the beautiful citizens & cultures of our planet.

The Nubia award and certification is not like most awards that select their winners based on secluded decisions this particular recognition is made by the decisions of the people all through and through, hence the popular acclaim theme.

=> We have selected categories executed on global and continental levels, we also have a few niche-based categories, cutting across Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty, Philosophy, and Modern culture in general.
In short, this recognition is solely based on collated votes from all over the world making it the one true credible award by acclamation of the people, no politics or bias just the one voice of the people. Every single category is up to people from all over the world to participate and decide the outcome of the event.

=> The Nubia Awards & Certifications run twice a year, for the first half of the year, (February – June) and the second half of the year July – December.
After our polls have been conducted and winners decided, Award Plaques, Certificates and in some categories Prizes will be delivered to winners anywhere they are around the world. Press releases and announcements will be made in the media announcing the winners to the public.