Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries In The World 2020

most corrupt countries in the world 2020

It’s believed that third world countries are dens of corruption; filled with the most corrupt politicians, government officials, personalities and above all spiritual leaders. This is absolutely wrong, as there are high numbers of corrupt practices across the world especially the western or developed countries. So, corruption isn’t limited to third world countries.

But what’s corruption? How can we combat it?

Corruption as defined by oxford dictionary is that act by which one chooses to follow a wrong path despite seeing a right way to follow. This practice also involves bribery, stealing from government purse, tribalism, favoritism, laziness and all other forms of moral irregularities capable of destroying the growth of a country.

This action destroys the everyday life of every country and its development since a lot of politicians and highly-ranked officials still practice these things.

To this day, there is still no clear way to beat corruption. Even though the battle with this unpleasant occurrence constantly continues, the high officials continue to set a bad example to the public, and people think that it is okay to bribe or steal.

This is a list of the most corrupt countries in the world, ranked in order of how corrupt the country’s government is. Many countries have made it to this list, thanks to its corrupt politicians with illegal money-making skills.

Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World 2020


1. Somalia

Somalia is the most corrupt country in the world this 2020 whose government doesn’t only enjoy but steals freely from the the country’s purse. One thing about the leaders in this country is that once they enter power, they find it hard to leave the seat of government once its tenure is over.

Even though there are a lot of measures against corruption, this country still remains the one that suffers from this problem the most of all in the world.


2. Iran

In a region stricken by violent conflicts and dictatorships, corruption remains endemic in the Arab states while assaults on freedom of expression, press freedoms and civil society continue to escalate. Iran is considered as one of the most corrupt countries in the world 2020.


3. Sudan

Sudan is ranked 3rd this year and it’s one country that has been battling corruption for a very long time. Despite its war against this menance, she still remains the most corrupt country in Africa and number 3 in the world.
Here is another country which has been involved with a lot of corrupt businesses over the years, which includes the extreme cases of bribery, as well as dictatorship.

The Sudan citizens have to face difficult challenges every day, including the problems with finances, education, and various other spheres of life. There are a lot of scandals involving governmental officials, which accuse them of practicing corruption and being behind the problems of the population.


4. Yemen

Yemen, the relatively not big country which is situated in the Gulf region, is also one of the countries from this area that are suffering from the constant problem of corruption. This country is also the poorest one in the Middle-Eastern region, with the usual issues being the high birth rate, malnutrition among children, and running out of the water and oil resources.

The corrupt government doesn’t show great affection towards the welfare of its citizens but is only concerned with its cabinet’s purse and its personal interest. Corruption in Yemen happens not only in the political sector but also in the field of communications, energy, education and health.


5. Uzbekistan

What do you do when assets stolen from a country’s state coffers by corrupt individuals have been recovered and can now be returned to the country – but the government is still controlled by corrupt people? That’s the case of Uzbekistan, one of the most corrupt countries in the world 2020.


6. Iraq

This is another corrupt country ranked 6th with high level of corruption. Iraq is a war torn nation. According to Forbes, Iraq government officials have embezzled more than $2 billion USD within 2017 on projects that can’t be accounted for.


7. Syria

7th on the list of most corrupt countries of the world in 2020 is Syria. This once religious country is currently ruled by Bashar-Al-Assad. This man has remained in power for many years already, and a lot of people who oppose his regime get hurt or killed.

Al-Assad is also the richest man in Syria due to embezzling of the country’s natural resources. History has it that Syria has so many corrupted leaders whom only enrich their pockets to satisfy personal interests.


8. Afghanistan

The country in southern Asia that has more than 35 million residents is also one of the most corrupt world countries in 2019. More than 2 billion dollars was reported missing last year.

Afghanistan politicians are so corrupt that you hardly find one that takes the interest of the masses in heart. Embezzling funds has become official as the economic situation in the country is nothing to write home about.


9. North Korea

This is the country which is internationally known as a prison, due to the extremely strict rules and the totalitarian regime which keeps the citizens in fear and submission.

This is a country where fundamental human right is not recognised. There are bans on foreign media, like the western internet and social media networks.

The North Korean media admitted the corruption throughout the country, which includes not only bribery, but squandering money for private uses, selling land and resources, deviation of the materials, and other issues.


10. Guinea-Bissau

This is the second African country on the list of the most corrupt countries in the world 2020.
The reasons for a lot of corruption in Guinea-Bissau is that illegal substances trafficking is very common in this country, and it is basically a hub for this crime.

Guinea-Bissau currently lacks some basic amenities which includes water, good road networks, shelter etc.

There are a lot of problems with law and order in Guinea-Bissau too, so the citizens have trouble with turning to the police when they witness something illegal. The criminals are very rarely convicted of their crimes and put in jail, even those who committed a crime as serious as murder. The President of the country has a very wide range of powers, and this makes it much easier for him to use his power in the wrong ways.