The month of march is going to an ending and as usual, we have curated for you the top 10 amapiano songs released in South Africa this month. This list features songs from top artistes in the country, also shows new amapiano songs released in March 2020. The criteria used in curating this list for you our readers include songs with the most downloads and streams since release in the month of March. I guarantee you will love this new releases. A

List of the top Amapiano songs in march 2020:

DJ Zinhle – Go ft. Lucille Slade

We have for you the musical genius behind the 2019 hit Umlilo, Dj Zinhle enters the new year with a brand new single titled “Go” but something is different this time around, guess what? It’s not an house song, it is Amapiano! Personally I didn’t see that coming, thought she was an Afro House head and nothing more but she’s proved herself to be a brilliant music maker in all ways and genres.

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Semi Tee – Gabadiya ft. Miano, Kammu Dee

Couple weeks ago were talking about Semi Tee’s genius and his drive to keep dropping new singles as much as possible after he released “Scooter” in January 2020. And now we have got another new release this march titled Gabadiya, I promise you this one is a good jam too. His friends Kammu Dee and Miano are also on the song.

Kabza De Small X Dj Maphorisa – Uthando ft. Aymos

Of course I was expecting the Amapiano Kings and duo to drop another project this month I just didn’t know they were panning on dropping an entirely full body of work, here is one of the songs on the new Amapiano album released by DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small.

Kabza De Small – Ndixolele

Here is my second favorite song on the new Amapiano album Scorpion Kings 2, this particular song has all it takes to be a total hit song. Melody, funny lyrics and most importantly a unique and different Amapiano beat. You will definitely have good time listening to this. Just come here and thank me after you have listened to this and enjoyed it. It is of course available on Apple music and Spotify.

Gaba Cannal – Umkhuleko ft. Zano

Well the second chief of Amapiano in South Africa is not giving up on dominating the airwaves this year over his arch rivals Kabza De Small and Maphorisa, Gaba Cannal have released several Amapiano songs this year, dropping EPs after EPs also collaborating with the biggest names in the industry. Gaba brings us this new masterpiece where he features top vocalist Zano. Check this one out and testify later.

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JazziDisciples – Stoep ft. Killer Kau

Here is a new cut out from one of the latest Amapiano albums out there in South Africa, I present you “Stoep” by the amazing JazziDisciples featuring another brilliant Amapiano music maker the one and only Killer Kau. This is a good Amapiano Jam, I love the rythm and beat, you should totally give this one a check out.

DJ Nova SA – Let’s Leave ft. Nalize

Personally for me it’s been long since I heard a really dope hit song from Dj Nova of South Africa, but it seems many music makers are currently making a comeback to the industry with the release of Amapiano hits. DJ Nova SA have joined the group of those artists after releasing a whole new album featuring mostly Amapiano songs, here is one of the top songs on the album.

De Mogul SA – Let Me Know ft. Natalia Mabaso

This one is my personal favourite on that new album from Dj Nova SA the collaboration with Natalia Mabaso is most definitely a brilliant idea. The two actually put in the work and come out giving us a sweet Amapiano music leaving us hanging. Anyways I want to let you know Let Me Know is a very melodious Amapiano track you really should take some time to listen and I am certain you will like it.

Junior De Rocka – Izinto Zakhona ft. Beast & Kid X

I am sure you all know Junior De Rocka and in case you don’t know well, he’s been doing Amapiano longer than most of your current Amapiano stars. Rocka has been trying for months to score a top class Amapiano hit in South Africa since last year but he hasn’t quite achieved that yet maybe this new single featuring Kid X and the rest will the magic he wants. Izinto Zakhona is a good Amapiano song I recommend for every Junior De Rocka fans out there.

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