Top 10 Most Visited Countries In Africa 2020 (Top Tourist Countries)

Nubiapge presents to you the top 10 most visited countries in Africa 2020. With more tourists turning their attention to Africa, tourism numbers are set to increase even further. From safari adventures to lost worlds and cultural revelations, Africa is one of the world’s richest destinations yet remains relatively untouched in today’s connected and overcrowded world.

While most of the numbers come from North Africa, countries in subsaharan Africa such as Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana have seen strong performance improvements. Morocco has been outdoing themselves while South Africa has retained its numbers.

Judging by these African countries tourist Arrivals for year 2019 we present you the:

Top 10 Most Visited Countries In Africa 2020

10. Uganda – 1.5 million Visitors

Uganda registered 1.5 million tourist arrivals in the year 2018 representing a 7.4 percent growth from the arrivals registered the previous year, the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities revealed on Wednesday. The statistics were announced during the tourism sector review workshop for the year 2018 they a little more by 2019 year end stats.

9. Tanzania – 1.5 million Visitors

Tanzania’s tourism sector saw a spike in arrivals which rose from 1.33 million in 2017 to 1.49 million in 2018—thanks to increase in international arrivals from Europe, Asia, the Pacific, Americas, Middle East and Africa. Although visitors hailing from Europe still accounts for the largest arrivals in recent years.

8. Kenya – 1.6 million Visitors

Kenya is quite possibly the first place that comes to mind when people think about safari adventures and it’s also home to some of the world’s most innovative and successful conservation projects. Aside from its abundance in wildlife, Kenya also has a long history that still lives today in its rich mix of ethnic groups that preserve their traditions and culture to this very day.

7. Mozambique – 1.6 million Visitors

MozambiqueArrivals of non-resident tourists at national borders. In 2017, arrivals for Mozambique was 1.45 million. Arrivals of Mozambique increased from 441,000 in 2003 to 1.45 million in 2017 growing at an average annual rate of 10.13%. Numbers as at 2019 has increased to 1.6 million

6. Zimbabwe – 2.4 million Visitors

Also, according to African Development Bank Group, Zimbabwe received a over 2.4 million visitors in 2019. The country is home to one side of the famous Victoria Falls, which definitely attracts admirers from home and abroad.

5. Algeria – 2.6 million Visitors

As of 2008, authorities made of tourism a “national imperative” and struggled to improve the country’s image with the goal to expand from 1.74 million tourists in 2007 to 20 million tourists by 2025. A draconian goal when considering that only 2.4 million tourists visited the country in 2017 compared to 11 million tourists for Morocco and about 7 million for Tunisia. As of 2019 arrivals have increased to over 2.6 million

4. Tunisia – 8.3 million Visitors

Tunisia is a narrow gem slotted at the tip of North Africa, bringing the strongest taste of Mediterranean climate to the shores of the continent. Despite its relatively small size, Tunisia is packed full of history and diverse natural beauty. The country is arguably Africa’s most popular beach destination but there’s plenty to explore away from the coastline as you travel vertically down Tunisia’s narrow territory. definitely one of the top tourist countries in Africa 2020

3. South Africa – 10.5 Million Visitors

“Black-maned lions framed against Kalahari dunes; powdery beaches lapped by two oceans; star-studded desert skies; jagged, lush mountains”. These are just some of the reasons Lonely Planet gives for visiting South Africa, which it describes as “a country of astounding diversity” – a theme that proves to be common among Africa’s most visited countries.

2. Egypt – 11.3 Million

Egypt is by far one of the most visited country in Africa—owing to its historical records, background and values which has contributed immensely to the ever-growing tourism sector. Over 11.34 million tourists spent around 121 nights in 2018, with each tourist spending well over $100 per night. Majority of tourist arrivals are from Europe, Asia, Arab, Germany and United Kingdom. As in most tourist destinations in Africa, Europe remains the biggest market for Egypt’s tourism—account for 7 million visitors in 2018 alone.

1. Morroco – 12.3 million Visitors

Lonely Planet describes Morocco as “a gateway to Africa and a country of dizzying diversity”. The country has captured the imagination of visitors from Europe for centuries and a visit in 2018 feels like stepping back in time. Without any doubt, Morocco is the third most visited country in Africa—behind their Northern neighbor, Egypt. The government of Morocco is leaving no stone unturned in the tourist sector—hence, the prioritization of tourism sector is top-notch, as it is seen as a major tool to foster rapid growth and development.