So, the topic of the day is the a new song from a collaboration of two brilliant and amazing Afrobeats artists; Ladipoe and Simi. Before we discuss the creation of this Alte-Afrobeats single I must mention there has been some switch up or maybe some sort of evolution in the Nigerian music scene.

Yes like I mentioned above, I am going start by mentioning this changed started getting major middle 2019 after the Afrobeats star Davido dropped a single featuring Chris Brown titled ‘Blow My Mind’ this sound was a different breed and we all thought maybe it’s because of the foreign act featured on the single the one and only Chris Breezy but of course that was not the case, as it turns out Davido wasn’t the primary writer of the song, reports says at the time its writen by another new and rising Alte artist ‘Wurld’ only that he is not really an Alte artist but an artist who has found a way to introduce a totally different sound to the Afrobeats audience both locally and internationally and with this song we all can tell it was a successful adventure. Blow mind did some work in changing the Afrobeats audience into trying something a little more slow tempo, gentle, serious lyrics and more. The song being performed by the biggest Aftcian act Davido (arguably) was a huge plus, coupled with the inclusion of the popular American R&B made this song wildly and immediately accepted and loved. And just like that, the independent act Wurld associated with the popular producer Sarz set his sound out there for success. He wrote more songs for Davido on his 2019 lately released album.

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Well, Wurld finally went on and started dropping more singles alongside his producer Sarz dropping more sounds like MAD which have turned out to be Afrobeats Flagship song for 2020. If not for the Corona virus clubs shutdown the songs must have grown wider. What am I trying to bring outta this? Well, the Afrobeats music listening audience ahve grown to accept these new sounds that are more slower and with more sophisticated lyrics. Which brings us to the take over of Afrobeats music by this R&B and alternative artists mixing their sound with that of the mainstream Afrobeats sound. And I must say this may have birthed a new Era of hits needing the touch of alternative or something more unique in Nigerian music scene.

Now on to Simi and Ladipoe’s new single, I must say Simi did a very great job on this song creating that amazing hook to the new Ladipoe single Know You, well, that’s my assumption over here I mean it could have been Ladipoe who created the hook, but we all know Simi’s sounds he’s done several songs like this with top rappers like Falz before and it usually comes out as a hit and a beautiful piece so we could assume this was all her. I mean I could remember last month I was going through YouTube and I saw this video a show of some sort by Simi which is actually kinda popular on her YouTube channel, it’s like a podcast where she discuss issues with her friends. That was when I saw Ladipoe sitting alongside Simi herself and immediately I could see why they would be friends little did I know they already created a beautiful piece together at the time I am sure this is a practice for Simi to only help rappers she’s friends with amazing hooks like the one on this new song. Ladipoe verses and adlibs on the songs made it more perfect, to be honest I don’t expect anything less from the rapper, I just wonder why many of his songs haven’t gotten this successful already. Well, this maybe a new start for the Mavin rapper.

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Either ways the success of the song right now is alarming currently topping all music charts across streaming platforms and online music stores, this I would definitely relate with the ongoing change in the Afrobeats sound, a song like this two years ago won’t be getting this much attention and patronage. What does this mean for the Nigerian music industry and Nigerian music consumers now? Does this mean most Nigerian musicians will divert their attention to this new mixture of Alte & R&B with their normal upbeat Afrobeats sound? What would be the fate of hugely successful artistes like Naira Marley? Would he have to change his sound too? Well, let’s wait and see.