Richest Rapper in the World: Top 10 Richest Hip Hop Artists 2020

Richest rapper in the world 2020

Hip hop music is a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted. Hip hop music is known to be one of the most revolutionary music genres of all time. Rap music, emceeing and DJ became extremely popular in the 1980’s with young native African Americans and Latin Americans exploding out into international fame and into mainstream media.

Despite hip hop’s offensive lyrics and violent content, it still manages to influence young artists and listeners on a large scale, making them widely popular and rich.

Who is the richest rapper in the world in 2020?

If you’re conversant with rappers, you should believe that they are worldly characters who fancy expensive assets and luxurious lifestyles. Just like many other artists, rappers lavish money on luxuries such as cars and houses. The richest rappers has mouth-watering net worth added to their names.

This list is centred on the top 10 richest hip hop artists 2020

These Are Top 10 Richest Rappers In The World 2020


1. Jay Z- Net Worth: $1 Billion


Coming second on this list of world’s richest rappers; Jay Z is one of the most prominent American superstars. This Brooklyn born rapper, songwriter, businessman, and investor made his first appearance in 1989. Jay-Z is considered one of the greatest living rappers of all time with largely autobiographical rap music, electropop and R&B. His songs have been on billboards from time after time. Meanwhile, it is often rumored that Jay-Z’s immense wealth is mostly attributed to his mega investments which span across nightclubs, record labels, and clothing outfits.


2. Diddy- Net Worth: $850 Million


Sean Combs also known as “Diddy” is a rapper, songwriter and a businessman. He is the world’s richest rapper for having amassed the colossal net worth of $820million.

As a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, he has produced top-selling albums and peaked at Billboard charts. He also established the Bad Boy Entertainment record label. Sean Combs also took over various acting roles in Hollywood and appeared on a number of television shows. He also received the NAACP Award for the Most Outstanding Actor that amassed his success sky high in music and acting.


3. Dr. Dre- Net Worth: $740 Million

Andre Young –who goes by the stage name, Dr. Dre is featured among the best and most successful people in hip-hop production. Dr. Dre started his career as the official DJ for one of the rap pioneers, the NWA that revolutionised hip hop music in the late 1980’s. His Aftermath Entertainment record label has made several artists famous including Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent. He also has his own business called Beats by Dr. Dre and was a major deal signed with the tech giant apple. Since then his net worth has amassed to a staggering amount of $740 million, making him the third richest rapper in the world.


4. Kanye West – Net Worth: $400 Million

Kanye West has surpassed Jay-Z to become the highest-paid person in hip-hop , Forbes reported.

West has made an estimated $150 million in 2019 almost double Jay-Z’s $81 million, according to Forbes. The publication looked at pretax income from June 2018 to June 2019 before deducting fees for agents, managers, and lawyers.

But the majority of West’s fortune doesn’t come from his music, Forbes reported. His footwear and apparel brand, Yeezy, is expected to bring in more than $1.5 billion in sales in 2019.


5. Master P- Net Worth: $375 Million


Percy Robert Miller –who goes by the stage name Master P –is a renowned philanthropist, record producer, author, actor, and rapper. Master P has built an empire around No Limit. Wanting to venture beyond music, No Limit also covers a film production company, clothing line, travel agency, and a video game company. Talk about being diverse!

Currently, Master P is reported with the net worth of $375 million and it is believed that his diverse ventures place him comfortably among the world’s richest rappers.


6. Russell Simmons- Net Worth: $350 Million

Russell Simmons is a notable producer, author, entrepreneur, and rapper of American descent. He is one of the founding members of Def Jam Recordings –a popular hip-hop record label.
Besides music, Simmons has his hands on entrepreneurship. He own
popular brands such as Tantris, Argyleculture and Phat Farm. Regarding his wealth, Russell Simmons is estimated to be worth $350 million.


7. Eminem- Net Worth: $190 Million

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, commonly known as Eminem, has broken the chains of poverty to rise to the top richest rappers in the world. At the time Eminem kick-started his rap career in Detroit, especially as one of the few white rappers staging performances at concerts, he became a victim of racial discrimination. Though he faced discriminations and scrutiny for being a white rapper, he was not fazed. In 2002, he sold over 1.32 million copies of his album in a week. Today, Eminem has carved out a desirable fortune for himself with his net worth hovering around $190 million.

8. Usher- Net Worth: $180 Million


Usher is an American superstar known for acting, dancing, rapping, songwriting and singing. Besides his versatility, Usher has succeeded massively as one of the best-selling artists. He is unarguably one of the wealthiest rappers in the world.

9. Ronald Slim Williams- Net Worth: $170 Million


American rapper, producer, and co-founder of Cash Money Records, Ronald Slim Williams knows exactly how to produce big dough. With the help of his proficiency, Slim Williams has been able to partner with several notable artists including Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake. He ranks amongst the richest hip hop artists.


10. Lil Wayne- Net Worth: $150 Million


Born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr; Lil Wayne is a professional author, rapper and hip hop artist of American descent. As a Grammy Award-winning rapper, Lil Wayne has been active in the music industry since he was a child. His debut album, “Tha Block is Hot”, topped the charts and made him famous right away. He was nominated as the best young artist back then. Years and years of chart-topping rap hits has made him rich thereby listing him as one of the richest hip hop artist. Lil Wayne is also an author and entrepreneur.